turbo admin a wordpress command palette

I recently came across a new utility that gives you a command palette inside the WordPress adin. If you’ve used Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code then you’ve probably seen something like this. Turbo Admin makes it quick to navigate the WordPress admin from the keyboard. The video version has the full walk-through. These are just some notes.

Video Version

Free Version

There is a free version that installs as a plugin.

free version on wordpress org

By default to open the command palette you press Control-Alt-Shift-P on Windows and Linux and Command-Alt-Shift-P on a Mac. If you want to change the keyboard shortcut then go to your user profile page and the option is at the bottom.

screen shot of the command palette

Turbo Admin Website and Pro Version

turbo admin website

There is good information about the pro version and a link to purchase it ($35) on the website. There is also a user guide link, which is good to read.

The advantages of the Pro version are that you don’t have to install the plugin, so that would be nice if you have lots of sites. Another possible advantage is that sometimes you can use the command palette on the front of a site, that you are not logged into, to go to the login page. I found that did not work on my localhost sites but did for my online sites. Other than that, the browser extension version works the same as the plugin version.

login from the front

The utility grabs the admin menu item list when the page loads. So it works on the admin side, but those menus aren’t there on the front-end. That’s a big limitation.

It is worth checking out the free version. Maybe give the Pro version a go if you have a lot of sites and especially if the developer gets it to work on the front-end. I hope you find it useful.

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