WordPress LTDs On Sale

What’s better than a WordPress theme or plugin that has a lifetime purchase option?  One that is also on sale!

Here are the WordPress products offering a lifetime license that are currently on sale.  Click here see the full list of WordPress themes and plugins with a lifetime license.

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WP Security NinjaWP Security NinjaWP Security Ninja is a comprehensive security plugin.  There is a free version in the WordPress plugin directory that runs 50 tests to check for security issues.  The Pro version provides automatic fixes for issues found and adds many more features.  There are essential features like brute force login form protection and a a firewall as well as a malware scanner, an event logger, and the ability to block by country, among others.  Lifetime packages are based on the number of websites and include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpsecurityninja/Plugins1590750984
WP Compress LifetimeWP Compress LifetimeWP Compress is an image optimization service that integrates with WordPress via a plugin.  Optimizing your images for the web is essential for delivering content on mobile, site load times, and SEO.  You can install the WP Compress plugin on as many WordPress sites as you want and even set usage quotas per site.  There is a central management dashboard where you can view and manage your account and usage.   You can store the images locally or use the WP Compress CDN to store the images in the cloud.  Optimized images are automatically adapted for visitor device, even retina devices are supported.  You purchase a package based on the number of sites.  The lifetime option is not permanently available.https://www.webtng.com/go/wp-compress-lifetime/Limited Time Lifetime SalePlugins158492160015882048001590750984
WPVivid Backups and MigrationWPVivid Backups and MigrationWPVivid is an all-in-one WordPress backup and migration plugin.  You can save backups offsite to FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, Digital Ocean Space, Amazon S3, and Microsoft OneDrive.  Incremental backups will soon be released.  You can easily migrate your site from local to live or to a new domain and WPVivid automatically takes care of updating all of the links.  You can create a staging site, create a restore point before backup, email reports and more.  WPVivid works with WordPress multisite.  There are three lifetime tiers available for 3, 100, and unlimited websites.  The features may vary by package, so check the features list.  All of the lifetime plans include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpvivid/$40 Off - Use coupon 48HRS40OFFPlugins158785920015880320001590750984
YASR - Yet Another Stars RatingYASR - Yet Another Stars RatingYASR, Yet Another Stars Rating, is a plugin for adding star ratings.  You can create single or multi-criteria ratings, create content rankings, control output location via shortcodes, and has support for showing your ratings in rich snippets.  There is the ability to create your own "star" sets and allow users to submit their own ratings in comments.  It comes with 20 pre-designed themes or you can create your own.  The lifetime option is available for 1, 5, or 30 sites and includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/yasr/Plugins1590750984
WP User Frontend ProWP User Frontend ProWP User Frontend Pro is a powerful suite of tools.  There is the ability to create front-end forms using a drag and drop builder.  The forms support custom fields and ACF as well as Custom Post Types and WooCommerce.  You can create custom User Registration forms for signing up new users and capturing additional fields.  There is the ability to accept recurring payments, use conditional logic on the forms, and offer social login.  Depending on the package, there are additional features such as analytics and reporting.  There are a number of integration modules available depending on package for email signup and membership options.  Lifetime packages are available for 1, 5 and 15 sites and include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpuserfrontend/Holiday sale - 33% to 50% OffPlugins157714560015774048001590750984
LiveCanvasLiveCanvasLiveCanvas is a new WordPress page builder.  It lets you build WordPress content using Bootstrap 4, a Bootstrap 4 theme, and Chrome.  It is different from other page builders as it includes an advanced HTML editor and saves the pages you create with it as HTML, so that there is only clean code.  You can insert shortcodes from other plugins.  LiveCanvas requires some HTML and CSS knowledge to use effectively, but is an alternative for people who don't like traditional page builders.  The lifetime plan includes unlimited sites, lifetime support and updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/livecanvas/40% Off Sale - Use coupon STAYATHOMEPlugins158863680015908832001590750984
Elementor ExtrasElementor ExtrasElementor Extras is an addon package that includes 31 widgets and 5 extensions.  Several of the unique widgets include the Age Gate, Inline SVG, and Image Switcher widgets.  The extensions include Display Conditions, Global Tooltips, Sticky Elements and Parallax effects.  Elementor Extras was created by designers for designers.  There is a lifetime package that includes unlimited websites and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/elementorextras/ElementorBlack Friday Sale 50% OffPlugins157455360015752448001590750984
WP Frontend AdminWP Frontend AdminWP Frontend Admin is a plugin that allows you to add pages from the WP admin to the front-end of your site.  You can use this to, for example, allow logged in users to submit posts or other content, create donation forms, managed comments, settings pages and more.  You select which admin pages to show on the front-end and which features of those pages to enable.  You add the pages using shortcodes and you can embed them in pages created with Elementor or other page builders.  The plugin respects user roles, so users must be logged in with the appropriate permissions, but editing is done on the front-end.  Lifetime licenses are available for one, five, and unlimited sites.  The lifetime packages include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpfrontendadmin/30% Off Black Friday for 5 site and unlimited site lifetime licensesPlugins157420800015755904001590750984
Kadence Themes and PluginsKadence Themes and PluginsKadence Themes are clean and professional themes.  They currently have three themes which are page builder and WooCommerce ready.  Kadence also offers 17 plugins, some that extend WooCommerce and others for content display.  One of their plugins is Kadence Blocks Pro, a block addon for Gutenberg, which is the premium version of their popular blocks plugin.  You can purchase the themes and plugins separately with an annual subscription, purchase an annual membership, or you can purchase a Kadence Lifetime Membership.  The lifetime option includes unlimited websites, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/kadence/Plugins, Themes1590750984
Extend ThemesExtend ThemesExtend Themes currently has 5 themes available:  One Page Express is a one page type of theme, Mesmerize is a multipurpose theme, Materials is a material design theme, Highlight is a full screen theme, and EmpowerWP is a Business theme.  There are 28 pre-designed sites that you can import for a quick start, or you can build one from scratch.  An interesting feature is that you can edit content live from within the Customizer as well as drag and drop page elements.  The themes are sold individually and the lifetime package for each theme includes use on 10 sites, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/extendthemes/20% Off Winter Sale - Use Coupon FROZEN2019Themes157377600015804288001590750984
Pixelgrade ThemesPixelgrade ThemesPixelgrade themes are bold themes with personality.  They currently have 21 themes for blog, magazine, small businesses, restaurants, portfolio, photography, and directory niches.  They come with Pixelgrade's Style Manager customization system for managing colors and fonts.  Many of the themes are WooCommerce ready and there is a separate WooCommerce addon.  You can purchase a single theme or an all themes bundle with lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/pixelgrade/Black Friday 40% OffThemes157489920015752448001590750984
Qubely ProQubely ProQubely Pro is an addon pack for Gutenberg.  It brings many of the module or widget types that we are used to using with page builders into the WordPress block editor.  It includes more than 30 blocks, including carousels, a form builder, post grids, pricing tables, social icons and more.  There are also more than 150 pre-designed "sections," which are groups of blocks designed for Gutenberg, or layouts, that you can insert into your post or page.  The lifetime packages are available for 1, 5, and unlimited websites and included lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/qubelypro/50% Off Sale - Use Coupon PressDevs50Plugins158734080015907968001590750984
Superb ThemesSuperb ThemesSuperb Themes creates themes and plugins.  The themes are designed to be attractive, lightweight, and SEO Optimized.  They currently have 33 themes available and a number of child themes based on those parent themes.  They include themes oriented towards bloggers, magazine sites, photography, corporate, landing pages and more.  There are also 2 plugins: Superb Tables, Reveal Buttons for coupons, and Social Share and Follow buttons.  The lifetime plan includes unlimited domains, access to all themes and plugins, and lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/superbthemes/November discount - 25% OffPlugins, Themes157256640015750720001590750984
Demo BuilderDemo BuilderThe WordPress demo plugin lets you build custom front-end demos and provide back-end trial accounts.  To create your own demo platform, you install WordPress multisite and setup your demo content.  Use the settings of the Demo Builder to define the access testers have and how long their personal demo site will stay active.  Add the front end signup form and the demo network is ready to go.  The plugin automatically creates sand-boxed sites and cleans up the demos.  There are site management and analytics features.  The lifetime package is available for 1 site or for unlimited sites.  Includes lifetime updates and one year of support.https://www.webtng.com/go/demobuilder/25% Off Holiday Sale - Use Coupon xmas2019Plugins157671360015774048001590750984
Elementor Designer PowerupElementor Designer PowerupElementor Designer Powerup is a plugin that extends the Elementor editor to add design tools.  There is a layout grid feature that lets you create pixel-perfect and structurally consistent pages.  A multi-layered gradient feature lets you use an unlimited number of colors to add gradients to any element.  Transformation effects lets you move, rotate and scale any element, apply opacity and CSS filters, and transition effects.  Additionally, there are 25+ shape dividers, the ability to generate blob shapes, and the ability to apply multi-layer shadows. Lifetime packages are available for 1, 5, or 100 sites.  All of the lifetime packages include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/elementordesignerpowerup/ElementorPlugins1590750984
Addons for ElementorAddons for ElementorElementor Addons by Livemesh is an addon pack for Elementor.  It includes more than 30 widgets.  Some of the unique widgets include odometers, pie charts, and progress bars.  Social widgets include a Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter grids.  An interesting feature of the widgets is that they come with pre-designed styles that you can choose from.   The lifetime packages are available for 1, 5, and 25 sites.  All of the lifetime packages include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/addonsforelementor/ElementorPlugins1590750984
HappyAddons for ElementorHappyAddons for ElementorHappy Addons is an Elementor plugin that has a free and a premium version. The free version has more than 40 widgets and several animation effects. There are some widgets that are not widely available, such as a Gradient Heading, Skill Bar, Review,and Step Flow widgets.  There are also a couple of nice animations: various CSS Transforms and especially the Floating Effect. The Premium version brings the number of widgets up over 50. It also uniquely extends Elementor itself by adding presets, cross-domain copy and paste, and unlimited section nesting. New features coming include site sync and live section copying.  Lifetime packages are available in 1, 5, and 1,000 sites.  They all include lifetime updates and support.  Note that the 1 site package does not include all features such as site sync.https://www.webtng.com/go/happyaddons/ElementorFlash sale - up to 50% offPlugins158993280015907104001590750984
WPUltimoWPUltimoWPUltimo is a plugin that allows you to turn a WordPress multi-site install into a premium network like WordPress.com.  It includes everything you need to signup new clients, manage subscriptions, let clients select templates, and automatically provision a site for them.  It includes domain mapping support so clients can bring their custom domains.  There are both free and premium addons.  Addons provide support for WooCommerce, AffiliateWP, MailChimp, and more.  The lifetime package includes the core plugin and all free and premium plugins, chat and email support, and use for creating unlimited networks.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpultimo/Sale - limited number of licenses available - 35% OFFPlugins157343040015750720001590750984
NotificationX LifetimeNotificationX LifetimeNotificationX is a WordPress marketing plugin that you can use to increase conversion rates with social proof and FOMO marketing alerts.  It has a quick builder for sales notifications (WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads), WordPress comments notifications, review notifications, download counts, email signups, and custom notifications.  The notifications can be shown in bubbles on either side of the page or in a top bar.  Shortcodes let you place them in other places.  There are a number of standard integrations and performance analytics.  The lifetime plan includes unlimited sites, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/notificationx/Get 25% OFF With Coupon Code: StayHomePlugins159053760015908832001590750984
Unlimited Elements for ElementorUnlimited Elements for ElementorThe Unlimited Elements for Elementor plugin is an addon package like no other.  It comes with 40 Elementor addon widgets which are very stylish, but it also comes with a "Widget Creator."  The Widget Creator provides an interface for adding your own customize widgets.  You can create your own or start with their library of more than 700 jQuery scripts already added and customize those. This requires some coding ability, but allows you to create your own interactive elements and extend Elementor in new ways.  There is support for Advanced Custom Fields. The plugin is available for 1, 5 or unlimited websites.https://www.webtng.com/go/unlimitedelements/Elementor30% Off - Use Coupon 2020Plugins157731840015777504001590750984
Wallace InlineWallace InlineWallace Inline is a WordPress plugin that provides true font-end editing and is compatible with Beaver Builder and Elementor.  You can lock down the editor by role, page, or person to restrict changes to content only without the danger of layout or design being impacted.  The lifetime deal includes unlimited sites as well as lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wallaceinline/Beaver Builder, Elementor30% Off - Use code BLACKFRIDAYPlugins157464000015750720001590750984
WP Fluent Forms ProWP Fluent Forms ProWP Fluent Forms Pro is a new forms solution for WordPress that is very full featured.  There is a drag and drop form builder, 40+ types of fields, calculated fields, conditional logic, multi-step forms, pre-built templates, and more than 20 third party integrations.  There are integrated payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) as well as front-end user registration and post type creation forms.  This is from the same team that makes the popular NinjaTables Pro plugin.  There is a lifetime license option that includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/fluentbd/30% Off!Plugins158604480015908832001590750984
AIT-Themes & Plugins ClubAIT-Themes & Plugins ClubThe AIT-Themes club is a premium WordPress theme and plugin club.  They have 70 themes and 30 plugins.  There themes and plugins are available in 28 languages.  The themes range from multipurpose Gutenberg ready themes, to directory themes, to travel, food, and business themes.  The themes have a large number of built-in elements and are multi-lingual ready.  Many are also WooCommerce ready.  Plugins include an events management plugin, menu, directory, reviews and payment processing plugins.  The lifetime plan includes all themes and plugins, lifetime updates, and 1 year of support.https://www.webtng.com/go/aitthemes/Summer Sale - Lifetime club membership 50% offPlugins, Themes156850560015689376001590750984
RafflePress GiveawayRafflePress GiveawayRafflePress is a plugin for powering giveaways and contests.  It is good for growing your email list, increasing traffic to your website, and increasing the number of social media followers.  RafflePress includes a drap and drop campaign builder, templates, easy entry and fraud protection, email integrations, and tracking.  Social media integrations include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and other options.  The lifetime package includes use on unlimited sites, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/rafflepress/35% OFF - Use coupon BF2019Plugins157464000015752448001590750984
Prevent Direct AccessPrevent Direct AccessPrevent Direct Access is a WordPress plugin that protects files from direct download.  This prevents unauthorized users from accessing and downloading files from your website.  You can restrict files to logged in users or paid members.  You can generate and expire links.  You can prevent files from being indexed by search engines.  The lifetime plans vary by number of supported websites.  Not all premium addons are included in the lifetime options.  The highest lifetime plan includes the statistics addon and multisite support.  All lifetime plans include lifetime updates and support of the main plugin.https://www.webtng.com/go/pda/Plugins1590750984
MailOptIn LifetimeMailOptIn LifetimeMailOptIn is a plugin that brings advanced lead generation features, email automation features, and the ability to creation your own newsletter to your WordPress site.  There is a powerful form builder integrated into the Customizer to make it easy to create you lead generation forms.  Choose from Lightbox Popup, Notification Bar, Slide-In, Sidebar Widget, Before and After Post, or Embedded Inline.  There are a large number of display rules.  Want to know how your lead generations forms are doing?  MailOptIn includes A/B testing and analytics.  Element Pro users will enjoy the Elementor integration.  You can send automated and event triggered emails.  For example, automatically send out an email to those who want to be alerted when you have new content.  Create and send email newsletters.  MailOptIn integrates with major email marketing services such as Mailchimp, AWeber, MailerLite, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, SendInblue, Moosend, and more.  The lifetime plan includes lifetime access to the Pro plan, but with unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/mailoptin/Special Discount 25% Off - Use Coupon BFCM2019Plugins157498560015753312001590750984
Suki ProSuki ProSuki is a relatively new, page builder friendly theme.  There is a free version available in the WordPress directory and a Pro version.  It is a general purpose theme with a very large array of features.  The team behind Suki have made speed a priority and there are lots of decisions made to maximize performance.  It includes features you would expect, like sticky and transparent header options, mega menus, blog layouts, the ability to customize the footer, and WooCommerce support.  It also supports white label, vertical header, custom sections, preloader, hooks, and more.  Suki is designed in a modular fashion so that you disable features not being used.  There are two lifetime packages.  One includes access to Pro demo sites.  They both include lifetime updates, support, and unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/sukiwp/Beaver Builder, ElementorBlack Friday Sale - 30% OffThemes157489920015752448001590750984
Tutor LMSTutor LMSTutor LMS is a plugin that lets you to add a Learning Management System in your WordPress site.  There is a limited version in the WordPress directory and a Pro version with additional features and extensions. It has a large number of features and is under active development.  You can use it for a single instructor, for an educational institution, or as a platform for selling the courses of multiple instructors.  There is a back-end and front-end course builder, quiz builder, course and student management, as well as e-commerce options and integrations.  Lifetime plans are available for 1, 5, or unlimited sites and include lifetime updates, support and all extensions.https://www.webtng.com/go/tutorlms/30% Off - Use Coupon 30offPlugins158734080015907968001590750984
WP Review Slider ProWP Review Slider ProWP Review Slider Pro is a plugin that can pull in your reviews from around the Internet and show them on your website.  Easily grab reviews from your Facebook page, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Google Places, and 65+ other sites so you can display them on your site.  Pick the reviews you want to show and apply a template that you can customize.  Show the reviews in a slider, a grid, or a list.  WP Review Slider Pro is available in lifetime packages for 1, 3, 5 or 10 sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpreviewslider/Plugins1590750984
Custom Twitter Feeds ProCustom Twitter Feeds ProThis plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate Twitter content into your site.  Use it to increase social engagement and promote your Twitter presence.  Custom Twitter Feeds Pro is easy to setup and customize and allows you to use multiple Twitter feeds.  It supports Twitter Cards and video content.  You can display content using a traditional feed, in a carousel, or in a masonry layout.  You can purchase the extension, with lifetime updates and support, for 1, 5 or 25 sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/twitterfeedpro/Plugins1590750984
Instagram Feed ProInstagram Feed ProSmash Balloon's Instagram Feed Pro is a WordPress plugin for displaying your Instagram feed on your website.  It is very easy to setup and customize.   It supports hashtags and Instagram Stories.  You can use it to display multiple feeds.  You can purchase the extension, with lifetime updates and support, for 1, 5 or 25 sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/instragramfeed/Plugins1590750984
Custom Facebook Feed ProCustom Facebook Feed ProThis plugin allows you to automatically display your Facebook updates on your WordPress site.  It allows you to generate dynamic content pulled from Facebook and promotes your Facebook presence.  Custom Facebook Feed Pro is easy to setup and customize.  It is responsive and looks good on mobile.   You can use it to show feeds from as many Facebook pages as you like.  You can purchase the extension, with lifetime updates and support, for 1, 5 or 25 sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/smashballoonfb/Plugins1590750984
Neve ProNeve ProNeve is a new multipurpose theme from ThemeIsle.  Though it is new, the free version has already become one of the most popular themes in the WordPress directory.  Neve is a mobile first theme and has built in support for AMP.  It is designed to work with page builders and is fast and light-weight.  There are three lifetime plans that include lifetime updates and support for unlimited sites.  The difference in the plans is that the medium plan includes a WooCommerce booster and priority support.  The top plan offers the WooCommerce booster, white label, and priority support.https://www.webtng.com/go/neve/Beaver Builder, ElementorBlack Friday 25% OffThemes157481280015753312001590750984
Ninja Tables ProNinja Tables ProNinja Tables is a WordPress table builder plugin.  It has an easy to use interface and settings and produces attractive tables.  The Pro version allows you to add media to table cells, unlimited colors, connect with Google Sheets, drag and drop sorting, import and export CSV files, WooCommerce integration, mobile responsive tables, and more.  The lifetime license is for unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpninjatables30/Current Sale 20% OffPlugins158569920015908832001590750984
AdSanityAdSanityAdSanity is a plugin that provides simplified ad management for WordPress websites.  It supports self-hosted and based network ads.  It is light weight and keeps track of statistics on views and clicks.  Pro add-ons include ad block detection, advertiser reporting, conditional display, custom ad sizes, Google Analytics integration and more.  The lifetime plan includes unlimited websites, lifetime updates, and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/adsanitypro/40% Off - Use Coupon HOHOOHYEAH157489920015755904001590750984
Permalink Manager ProPermalink Manager ProPermalink Manager Pro is a WordPress plugin that will help you manage your URL structure.  WordPress has defaults for custom post types, WooCommerce, categories, tags and other content that sometimes don't make sense or don't align with the site structure or SEO desires.  You can write your own plugin to do it manually if you want to research the WordPress hooks and filters and know Regular Expression syntax, or you can use Permalink Manager Pro.  The packages are divided by the number of sites supported and each package has an annual or lifetime option.https://www.webtng.com/go/permalinkmanagerpro/Plugins1590750984
Thrive ApprenticeThrive ApprenticeThrive Apprentice is a WordPress plugin that lets you create video courses, text courses and even simple one page guides. You can choose to sell a single product or create a suite of courses available to paying members.  Thrive Apprentice focuses on keeping it simple and includes an easy payment gateway integration and membership option.  Packages are based on the number of websites you can use Thrive Apprentice on.  All of the packages come with lifetime updates and 1 year of support.  You can purchase additional support if you need it in the future.https://www.webtng.com/go/thrive-apprentice/Plugins1590750984
CodePeople Post MapCodePeople Post MapCodePeople Post Map is a maps plugin that lets you show a Google map on single and archive pages taking location information for the page(s).  It has a lot of customization options for map display, distance calculation, and multiple markers.   The developer package includes a form builder for creating customized contact forms, the ability to send notification emails, and send emails to the contact information in the map post.  Both the professional and developer packages are lifetime usage and updates with 60 days of support.  Additional support can be purchased if needed.https://www.webtng.com/go/codepeoplepostmap/Plugins1590750984
Appointment Booking CalendarAppointment Booking CalendarThe Appointment Booking Calendar is a WordPress plugin that lets you accept online bookings from a set of available time-slots in the calendar.  It includes a flexible form builder and a number of pre-designed booking forms. You can extend the forms and basic features using the available addons.  These include WooCommerce, iCal, SalesForce, MailChimp, Twilio, webhooks and a number of payment gateways.  Packages vary based on the addons included.  All of the packages include lifetime use, lifetime updates, and 60 days of support.  You can purchase additional support if needed.https://www.webtng.com/go/appointmentbookingcalendar/Plugins1590750984
Calculated Fields FormCalculated Fields FormCalculated Fields Form is a WordPress plugin for creating forms.  CFF is a robust forms builder that comes with a number of standard field types as well as with a Calculated Field.  This is a versatile field that can be used for calculating product and service prices, distances between addresses, area, weight, times ranges and other calculators.  The calculated field includes multiple operation modules like: mathematical and logical operations, date-time operations, financial operations, and distance operations integrated with the Google Maps API.  Additionally, the plugin has a large number of addons for extending functionality and linking to other services.  These include WooCommerce, SalesForce, iCal, a number of payment gateways, a server-side calculator, MailChimp, Twilio, and many more.  All of the packages have lifetime use and updates along with 60 days of support.  Additional support can be purchased later if needed. The packages vary by the number of addons included.https://www.webtng.com/go/calculatedfieldsform/Plugins1590750984
The Plus Addons for ElementorThe Plus Addons for ElementorThe Plus Addons for Elementor includes more than 80 Elementor widgets, more than 18 templates, more than 300 UI blocks and a number of blog and custom post type listing widgets.  The widgets have additional styling options that provide interesting and attractive animations.  It is now possible to create a customized loop for archives that can be used in Elementor Pro Post and Archive listings as a custom skin.  There are also enhancements to columns and global options that extend Elementor. The lifetime plan includes lifetime updates and unlimited sites, with one year of priority support.https://www.webtng.com/go/theplusaddons/Elementor30% off - Use coupon THANKYOUPlugins157472640015754176001590750984
Media Cleaner ProMedia Cleaner ProMedia Cleaner Pro lets you clean your Media Library and your Uploads directory from the files that are not being used. It detects unused and useless files from your site by analyzing your entire WordPress install and scans to find how your files are actually in use. It features many options and filters.  Media Cleaner Pro supports WooCommerce, ACF, BeaverBuilder, WPBakery, Elementor, Divi and Avada.  There are several lifetime options based on the number of sites you want to use the plugin on.  They all include lifetime updates and support. https://www.webtng.com/go/media-cleaner/Plugins1590750984
Element Pack ProElement Pack ProElement Pack Pro is a widget and layout pack for Elementor.  There are 120+ widgets included.  Many of them add features, such as support for Open Street Maps, QR codes, and video gallery. There is also support for 3rd party plugins, like BBPress, BuddyPress, various forms plugins, and WooCommerce.  There are more than 100+ pre-designed page layouts and 1,500 pre-designed blocks.  The package also includes the Rooten theme, which is a fast, flexible theme.  The lifetime deal includes lifetime updates and support as well as unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/elementpackpro/Elementor50% Off SalePlugins159001920015907968001590750984
Piotnet Addons For ElementorPiotnet Addons For ElementorPiotnet Addons For Elementor, or PAFE, is an addon pack for Elementor that includes more than 60 features. Many of the features are unique and extend existing widgets to make them more flexible. Examples include AJAX live search, cross-fade multiple background images, various light box options, and parallax effects on every element.  A major strength of PAFE is the form builder.  It includes conditional logic and calculated fields and can be used as a front-end form for Posts and Custom Post Types.  The lifetime plan includes lifetime updates, support, and unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/pafe/ElementorFlash Sale - First 50 Customers get Lifetime Unlimited for $60Plugins158915520015901920001590750984
WP RSS AggregatorWP RSS AggregatorWP RSS Aggregator is a WordPress plugin for integrating external RSS content into your website.  The lifetime deal is for the premium addons which add features to the base plugin, which is free on the WordPress directory.  The premium addons add features such as creating posts from feeds, keyword filtering, and word spinning.  The lifetime package includes lifetime updates and support.  There are several bundles of addons, each of which has a lifetime option.https://www.webtng.com/go/wprssaggregator/Plugins1590750984
Click Ranger ProClick Ranger ProClick Ranger Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you easily track user clicks, downloads, and events of your WordPress website to Google Analytics.  Once installed, you turn on a recorder to record events that you want to track.  After that you can see reports of events you have saved.  The lifetime deal includes the core plugin, unlimited sites, lifetime support and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/clickrangerpro/Plugins1590750984
Oxygen BuilderOxygen BuilderOxygen is a visual site builder for WordPress.  It installs as a plugin, but replaces the theme.  In that capacity, you use Oxygen to create the headers, footers, and content templates.  In addition to this theme and template builder, you can also use Oxygen as a page builder to create individual pages.  Oxygen comes with a number of flexible, built-in elements as well as a template library of already designed pages and page sections.  While some builders try to protect you from the underlying code, Oxygen is very accessible for developers and is well suited for those who want to work closer to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Oxygen comes as a lifetime purchase for updates, support and unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/oxygen/Plugins1590750984
WPEP LMSWPEP LMSThe Learning Management System from Grow Learn Teach is a complete and mature system for offering online courses. There are seven course types. You can setup prerequisites, learning paths, drip content, assessments and quizzes, and offer certificates and diplomas. The lifetime package includes more than 25 addons that offer integrations with membership plugins, sales options, and email marketing, and more. The lifetime option includes 15 sites, priority support, unlimited courses and lifetime updates. https://www.webtng.com/go/wpep/50% off Lifetime License SalePlugins155139840015539904001590750984
Zita ProZita ProZita Pro is a premium addon for the Zita theme. Zita is a new theme that is page builder friendly. It offers a number of customization options and features that work well with page builders, picking up where they leave off. Sticky header, footer, and sidebars, layouts, typography, spacing and menu options. Pro gives you the ability to white label the theme and add your own branding. There is good WooCommerce support and premade sites that you can import. Purchase also gives you access to Elite Addons For Elementor. The lifetime option includes unlimited sites, lifetime support and updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpzita/Beaver Builder, Elementor30% Off - Use coupon SANTA30Themes157723200015773184001590750984
WP Admin Pages ProWP Admin Pages ProWP Admin Pages Pro is a plugin that allows you to create custom admin pages.  For example, if you wanted to create welcome or on-boarding pages you can now easily do so.  The plugin allows also allows you to use Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Brizy  as well as the regular WordPress editor.  When creating admin pages, you have the option to choose where on the menu it will show and for which WordPress user roles they should be visible.   The lifetime plan comes with unlimited sites, as well as lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpadminpages/Plugins1590750984
Duplicator ProDuplicator ProDuplicator is a backup and migration plugin. There is a free version in the WordPress plugin directory has more than a million installs and 1,875 5 star reviews.  The Pro version works for larger sites and lets you backup to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, and OneDrive.  It works by creating an installer that includes all of your site's files as well as its database.  The Duplicator plugin is a popular choice for site migrations to a new host or domain.  The "Gold" package includes lifetime updates, unlimited sites, and one year of support.https://www.webtng.com/go/duplicatorpro/Plugins1590750984
Dynamic Content for ElementorDynamic Content for ElementorDynamic is a unique add-on pack for Elementor.  There are some one of a kind widgets, like panorama, 360 view, transforms, and remote content, as well as support for creating templates for single and archive post type views.  In addition to basic template support, many of the widgets support dynamic content and there is built-in support for Advanced Custom Fields.  Dynamic Content for Elementor is developer focused and also includes PHP, shortcode, and file include widgets. Pricing is based on the number of sites.  The lifetime packages include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/dynamic/ElementorHoliday Sale 25% Off - Use Coupon CHRISTMASPlugins157723200015776640001590750984
Premium Addons for ElementorPremium Addons for ElementorThe Premium Addons for Elementor plugin comes in a free version that you can download from the WordPress plugin directory and as a pro version.  The plugin includes 50 widgets, 27 are available only in the pro version.  The company tries to either create unique widgets for the pro package or to have more customization options.  Widgets like a 3D flipbox, image layers, and a "magic" off screen panel that can be triggered to show, are some of the pro widgets available.  The lifetime package includes unlimited site usage and lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/premium-addons-for-elementor/ElementorBlack Friday 20% OffPlugins157472640015749856001590750984
MicrothemerMicrothemerThe Microthemer plugin is a front-end CSS editor for WordPress.  Design your pages in real time for desktop, tablet, and mobile using an extensive range of CSS styling options.  Add Google fonts and use CSS animations and behaviors.  See changes live as you edit and use draft mode so changes are only visible to you until you make them live.  Keep the plugin active or export the CSS for the site and disable the plugin when you are done.  Microthemer now supports Beaver Builder, Elementor and Oxygen. There is a 3 site and an unlimited site lifetime package.  Both include lifetime support and updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/microthemer-plugin/Beaver Builder, ElementorSave 50%Plugins158811840015896736001590750984
CSS HeroCSS HeroCSS Hero is a plugin that allows you to select elements on your site and apply styling options. It is easy to use and works with all themes. After saving your changes, it creates a CSS style sheet with your changes and does not load any extra resources on the site. The Lifetime Pro Plan is for 999 sites and includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/csshero/The Lifetime Pro Plan is Currently 65% off.Plugins157498560015752448001590750984
Ultimate DashboardUltimate DashboardThe Ultimate Dashboard plugin allows you to remove the default widgets from the WordPress admin dashboard and create your own widgets to take their place. There is a free version on WordPress.org. The Pro version includes the ability to remove 3rd party widget, adds multi-site support, a video widget, and allows you to adjust the branding of the login and admin screens. The lifetime plan includes unlimited sites, as well as lifetime support and updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/ultimatedashboard/Black Friday 30% Discount - no coupon necessary (lifetime deal is small link under pricing table)Plugins157464000015752448001590750984
WP Rich SnippetsWP Rich SnippetsWP Rich Snippets is a plugin for adding semantic structured marked to your content. The plugin supports multiple schema types, such as restaurant, product, article, recipe, and more.  The plugin's focus is on adding schema for reviews. Therefore, you can add review mark up to most of the schema types.  There are also widgets and addons to extend this further, such as adding a display box to show your review summary, comparison tables, and a call to action.  One of the extensions adds support for visitor ratings in addition to the author ratings.  The Ultimate pricing option includes all 14 addons, unlimited sites, as well as lifetime support and updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/wprichsnippets/50% Off Use Coupon 18BlackFridayPlugins154293120015431904001590750984
Schema ProSchema ProSchema Pro is a plugin for adding schema markup to your content. It currently supports 13 types of content, including reviews, job postings, events, services, recipes and more.  There are flexible display rules so you can target the content as needed.  There is a wizard for getting started quickly and you can customize the schema fields as needed, with support for custom fields and custom post types.  It has built in schema testing so you can see how your schema will be picked up by search engines.  The lifetime option included unlimited sites, lifetime support, and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/schemapro/Black Friday & Cyber Monday - 30% Discount (no coupon needed)Plugins157464000015754176001590750984
Smart FormsSmart FormsThe Smart Forms plugin allows you to create responsive forms using a drag and drop form designer.  Features include multi page forms, article entry, spam protection, file uploads, conditional logic, calculated fields, and CSV export.  There are also 10 addon extensions that add email attachments, Aweber and MailChimp integration, PayPal payment forms, and PDF generation, among others.  The unlimited plan includes unlimited sites.   All of the pricing levels come with a lifetime license and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/smartforms/Plugins1590750984
WPIntense PluginsWPIntense PluginsWPIntense has a number of plugin with a lifetime option.  Scalability Pro speeds up slow database queries by optimizing the SQL to use indexes and avoid table scans.  Auto Infinite Scroll solves traditional infinite/continuous scroll usability problems with zero configuration required.  The Datafeedr Merchant Research plugin makes affiliate marketing easier by linking to merchants for product research.  External Images allows images to be hosted on any third-party website and presented on your site as the thumbnail and featured image.  Super Speedy Search adds an ajax widget to show search results as the user types.  Faster Woo Widgets are built to be lightning fast, especially on large sites with hundreds of thousands (or millions) of products. You can purchase them individually or in a package. The price is based on the number of sites and includes lifetime support and updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpintense/30% off - User code CYBER30Plugins154172160015432768001590750984
Divi MonkDivi MonkDivi Monk is a cloud based template library for Elegant Themes Divi theme and Divi Builder.  There are currently more than 200 block and page templates available.  The lifetime plan supports unlimited personal and client sites, lifetime support and updates, and white label branding.https://www.webtng.com/go/divimonk/40% Off - Use Coupon SAVEBIGThemes157464000015754176001590750985
Blogging Style ThemesBlogging Style ThemesBlogging Style Themes has 17 premium themes that are designed to provide attractive layout and styling options for bloggers.  Their premium lifetime membership plan includes all current and future themes, lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/bloggingstylethemes/Black Friday 50% off - Use coupon BLACKFRIDAY50Themes154275840015435360001590750985
Create and Code ThemesCreate and Code ThemesCreate and Code has 6 premium themes available.  Several of theme are niche business themes.  StartRight Pro is the flagship theme.  All of the themes have WooCommerce integration and the newest themes have support for the Elementor page builder.  The lifetime club option includes all themes, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/createandcode/Themes1590750985
8Degree Themes8Degree Themes8Degree Themes has 19 premium themes and a number of free themes.  Themes are available for blog, business, ecommerce, magazine, medical, legal, and portfolio niches.  There are also a few multipurpose themes which have skins for various business uses.  The Master Degree club membership includes all themes, unlimited sites, and lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/8degree-themes/30% Off - Use Coupon blackfriday2019Themes157438080015755040001590750985
ProjectHuddleProjectHuddleProjectHuddle is a WordPress plugin for website and design communication. It includes unlimited projects and users.  ProjectHuddle is while labeled and can be custom branded. It allows your clients to leave comments directly on top of live website designs, including non-WordPress sites.  Create custom user roles for clients with custom logins.  The Ultimate package includes unlimited sites and lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/projecthuddlemartech/40% Off - No coupon neededPlugins157464000015752448001590750985
ThemeHunkThemeHunkThemeHunk currently has 9 premium themes and one premium plugin. The themes target WooCommerce, business, portfolio, multimedia, and blogging niches. The plugin is a lead form builder with advanced features, including MailChimp integration, send via SMTP option, file uploads, as well as import and export ability. The lifetime club membership includes all themes and plugins, unlimited domains, lifetime support, and lifetime updates. https://www.webtng.com/go/themehunk/Use Coupon BLACKFRIDAY18 for 50% OffThemes154293120015431904001590750985
ThemeBounceThemeBounceThemeBouce is a small theme shop that currently has three themes. All of their themes have spaces for advertising locations and work with all ad platforms. The lifetime membership includes unlimited sites, as well as lifetime support and updates. https://www.webtng.com/go/themebounce/ThemeBouce is a small theme shop that currently has three themes. All of their themes have spaces for advertising locations and work with all ad platforms. The lifetime membership includes unlimited sites, as well as lifetime support and updates.Themes1590750985
WP-CRMWP-CRMWP-CRM is a robust customer resource management system for WordPress. Manage your projects, contacts, clients, campaigns, assets, invoicing and reporting all within your own WordPress site. The lifetime option includes all features and extensions and can be used on unlimited sites.https://www.wp-crm.com/ref/38/Black Friday 50% off - Use coupon BFCM2018Plugins154293120015431904001590750985
PremiumCoding ThemesPremiumCoding ThemesPremiumCoding current has 34 themes available. The themes target blog, business, ecommerce, personal, and portfolio niches. There are also several multipurpose themes. Some of the themes include premium plugins, such as Revolution Slider. The lifetime membership plan includes access to all themes, unlimited domains, new themes, and lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/premiumcoding/40% Off. Use Coupon premium40Themes155381760015539904001590750985
PageSpeed ThemePageSpeed ThemeThe PageSpeed theme by Swiftthemes is a theme that is built and optimized for fast loading times.  The theme is also optimized for SEO.  It includes a number of header styles, layout options, color and typography settings, and is responsively designed.  The lifetime packages include lifetime updates and support. Packages are available for one, five, or unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/swiftthemes/Themes1590750985
WPfomify Social ProofWPfomify Social ProofWPfomify is a plugin that provides social proof and a sense of urgency by connecting to your online store or learning management system. A small box shows that others have purchased or signed up. It has a integrations with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Give, LifterLMS, LearnDash and many other systems.  The lifetime license covers all integration extensions, unlimited sites as well as lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpfomify/40% Off with coupon SAVEBIGPlugins157464000015754176001590750985
Crocoblock LifetimeCrocoblock LifetimeThe Crocoblock Lifetime bundle includes the multipurpose Kava Pro theme, the demo pages, and all of the Jet plugins. The Jet plugins enhance and extend Elementor by adding a wide range for widgets, a number of blog options, WooCommerce support, menu options, etc. The lifetime bundle includes unlimited websites, as well as lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/crocoblock/Elementor20% Off Birthday Sale - Use Code crocoturns2Plugins159001920015907968001590750985
Brizy ProBrizy ProBrizy Pro is a new page builder that has recently gotten a great deal of attention. From the folks at Themefuse comes a page builder that is powerful and easier to use than some of the more established offerings.  There is a free version of Brizy in the WordPress plugin directory. The Pro version is available as a lifetime presale for a limited time until the Pro version is released. The Pro version will add dynamic content, third party integrations, header and footer templates, premium designs and A/B testing, among other features. Buying an unfinished product is a risk, but is the only way to get a lifetime license.https://www.webtng.com/go/brizy-pro/15% Off. Use coupon 4JULY15Plugins156211200015621984001590750985
WP Time CapsuleWP Time CapsuleWP Time Capsule is an advanced backup plugin that does incremental backups, when possible, which is faster and saves storage space. The plugin can backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 locations. There are flexible scheduling options and the option to encrypt the database file for security. If gives you the option to backup your site before updates in case there is an issue. There is a staging option so that you can test changes before applying them to the main site.  The lifetime plan includes unlimited sites and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/wp-time-capsule/Black Friday - 10% Off All PlansPlugins154284480015431904001590750985
Nextend Accordion MenuNextend Accordion MenuThe Nextend Accordion Menu is a plugin for creating vertical accordion menus. You first create you menu as normal, and then create an accordion menu by assigning the WordPress menu. You can use a widget or shortcode to place your accordion menu in the desired location. The plugin comes with 4 themes and a number of settings options for styling and animations. The lifetime package includes unlimited sites as well as lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/accordion-menu/Plugins1590750985
Relevanssi SearchRelevanssi SearchThe default search capability is very limited and is often insufficient. Relevanssi is a plugin that provides advanced search capabilities for your site. It gives you full access and full control, with filters and ways to make search work the way you want it to. There is a lite version of the plugin in the WordPress directory. The premium version expands the search options and provides extra controls on search results. Toolset has Relevanssi integration. The Permanent package includes lifetime updates and support as well as unlimited site usage.https://www.webtng.com/go/relevanssi/Plugins1590750985
Smart Settings UISmart Settings UISmart Settings UI is a plugin from WP Beaver World. It adds some useful controls to the Beaver Builder plugin for working with rows and columns by adding some convenient functions such as selecting, copying, moving, and deleting rows and columns. There are also additions for setting breakpoints. The lifetime option includes unlimited sites as well as lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/smart-settings-ui/Plugins1590750985
Greta ThemesGreta ThemesGreta Themes has twenty themes in their portfolio, including themes targeting travel, magazine, business and food bloggers. The Lifetime bundle includes all themes with unlimited domains and lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/greta-themes/33% off. Use code BF2019Themes157472640015755904001590750985
WPSSOWPSSOWPSSO stands for WordPress Social and Sharing Optimization.  It is a plugin that create Schema markup and meta tags for search engines and social networks. The plugin includes support for 3rd party plugins and services and also had addon plugins that bring other features. The plugin is licensed per site URL and licenses include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpsso/Plugins1590750985
WPBakery Page BuilderWPBakery Page BuilderWPBakery Page Builder used to be called Visual Composer. It is a very popular page builder plugin that is often bundled in premium themes. The WPBakery Page Builder plugin includes both front and back-end editing, as well as a number of templates and visual elements. The plugin is sold for a single site, includes lifetime updates, and six months of support, which can be extended.https://www.webtng.com/go/wp-bakery-page-builder/Plugins1590750985
WP All ImportWP All ImportWP All Import & WP All Export are two plugins that provide advanced content import and export. There are premium add-ons for WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, user fields, and link cloaking as well as a number of  free add-ons.  There are packages with and without add-ons and options to purchase combined with export.  All of the packages are for unlimited sites and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/wpallimport/Plugins1590750985
WooPack for Beaver BuilderWooPack for Beaver BuilderWooPack for Beaver Builder is a WooCommerce addon package. It includes modules for the product page, product grid, cart page, and checkout page. The lifetime option includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/woopack-for-beaver-builder/Beaver Builder30% Off. Use code SAVEBIG.Plugins157464000015754176001590750985
USP Pro FormsUSP Pro FormsUSP stands for "User Submitted Posts." The plugin allows you to create unlimited forms and display them anywhere on your site. Create submission forms, registration forms, contact forms, forums, and everything in between. Pricing is based on the number of sites and all packages include lifetime updates and lifetime basic support.https://www.webtng.com/go/usp-pro/Plugins1590750985
Ultimate Addons for ElementorUltimate Addons for ElementorUltimate Addons for Elementor is an add-on pack for the Elementor Page Builder. It is a library of unique Elementor Widgets to add more functionality and flexibility. The Lifetime license includes lifetime updates and unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/ultimate-addons-for-elementor/Elementor20% Off Holiday SalePlugins157671360015772320001590750985
Ultimate Addons for Beaver BuilderUltimate Addons for Beaver BuilderUltimate Addons for Beaver Builder is an add-on pack for Beaver Builder that includes more than 40 modules, more than 200-row sections, and more than 100-page templates. The Lifetime license includes lifetime updates and unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/ultimate-addons-beaver-builder/Beaver Builder20% Off Holiday SalePlugins157671360015772320001590750985
Thrive Quiz BuilderThrive Quiz BuilderThe Thrive Quiz Builder is an easy to use quiz and survey builder that also has advanced features to increase engagement, help segment users, and display targeted content. The plugin comes in several tiers based on the number of sites you want to use it on. All tiers include lifetime updates and one year of support.https://www.webtng.com/go/thrive-quiz-builder/Plugins1590750985
Thrive Headline OptimizerThrive Headline OptimizerThe Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin is somewhat unique in that it allows for automatically testing different post titles. Click through rate, scrolling and how long the visitor stays on the page are measured and the best headline is then given preference. There are several purchase tiers depending on the number of sites you need to use it with, but all tiers come with lifetime updates and one year of support.https://www.webtng.com/go/thrive-headline-optimizer/Plugins1590750985
Thrive CommentsThrive CommentsThe Thrive Comments plugin is the newest addition to the Thrive Themes portfolio. It offers a number of features in one plugin that would normally require several. Comment using Facebook or Google logins, earn badges, vote on people's comments, spam filtering, and other features. There are several purchase tiers depending on the number of sites you need to use it with, but all tiers come with lifetime updates and one year of support. I created a walk through video and have more information here.https://www.webtng.com/go/thrive-comments/Plugins1590750985
Thrive ArchitectThrive ArchitectThrive Architect is a page builder and front-end editor from Thrive Themes. The front-end editing is real on page text editing. It has a number of content block types, from standard ones that you would expect to those focused on engagement, conversion, and social sharing. There are several pricing tiers based on the number of sites you need. All tiers come with lifetime updates and one year of support.https://www.webtng.com/go/thrive-architect/Plugins1590750985
SNAP Premium APISNAP Premium APIThe SNAP Pro service allows for posting to networks that the developer saw as straightforward. The SNAP API expands the number of networks for SNAP Pro for networks the developer saw as requiring special programming and maintenance.  The API product expands Facebook and LinkedIn support and adds support for Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Flipboard, Reddit, YouTube and XING. There is an advanced order option for the API that includes lifetime access. There is also the ability to order the API service for general PHP usage. These lifetime options are expensive and some users will prefer the annual API subscription, which includes the Pro plugin.https://www.webtng.com/go/snap-premium-api-for-wordpress/Plugins1590750985
Social Network Auto Poster Pro (SNAP)Social Network Auto Poster Pro (SNAP)SNAP Pro is a plugin that allows you to post and schedule posting your WordPress content to a number of social networks and sharing platforms. The list includes: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ok.ru, Plurk, Weibo, and VK.com. You can also post to Blogger, LiveJournal, Medium, Tumblr, and WordPress blogs. For the full list, see the website.  There is a free version of the plugin on WordPress.org that has account limits. The Pro version is for unlimited accounts and lifetime updates. If you are interested in posting to additional networks, see the SNAP Premium API listing below.https://www.webtng.com/go/social-networks-auto-poster-snap/Plugins1590750985
Smart Slider 3Smart Slider 3Smart Slider 3 is a responsive slider that has a lite version available in the WordPress.org directory. The Pro version has many more features. comes with 5 different slider types and a large number of customization options. It has 16 dynamic layer types that add features on your slides, such as countdowns, audio controls, progress bars, and image boxes. It also a large number of animations, effects, and dynamic slide generators. It now includes a template library that you can use to create your sliders more quickly. Smart Slider 3 Pro includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/smart-slider-3/Black Friday 40% Off - Use Coupon SAVE4019Plugins157489920015753312001590750985
SES ProSES ProSES Pro is designed for smaller scale sites that want full control over email subscribers without relying on a 3rd-party service. It is useful for building your own lists of subscribers, creating emails, and sending them from your own site. Pricing is based on the number of sites and all packages include lifetime updates and lifetime basic support.https://www.webtng.com/go/ses-pro/Plugins1590750985
SeedProd Coming Soon and Maintenance ModeSeedProd Coming Soon and Maintenance ModeSeedProd offers a Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin (Coming Soon Page Pro) that has the ability to capture leads and show a countdown. You can add a slideshow, show social sharing buttons, use Google fonts, and other features. You can purchase the Coming Soon Page Pro plugin separately or in a bundle that includes 404 Page Pro, Urgency Countdown Pro, Viral Giveaway Pro, Login Page Pro and Notification Bar Pro plugins. The lifetime options include unlimited sites, lifetime updates, and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/seedprod/35% Off - Use coupon BF2019Plugins157464000015752448001590750985
Restrict Content ProRestrict Content ProThe Restrict Content Pro plugin allows you to create a membership site with subscriptions. It comes with a number of payment gateway integrations and more are available as Pro add-ons. The Ultimate version includes all of the Pro add-ons along with lifetime updates, unlimited sites, and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/restrict-content-pro/25% Off with Coupon BFCM2019Plugins157498560015755904001590750985
ProfilePressProfilePressProfilePress is a plugin that enables you to customize the registration screen, User Profile edit screen, as well as the login, password reset, and user email forms.  You can add fields using a form editor that comes with several themes.  You can create front-end forms.  There is a social login feature that allows users to register and login using Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Github. The plugin also works with BuddyPress and bbPress. The Ultimate bundle includes all Pro and official extensions, unlimited sites, lifetime support, and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/profilepress/Black Friday 25% Off - Use coupon BFCM2019Plugins157498560015753312001590750985
PowerPack for ElementorPowerPack for ElementorPowerPack adds more than 60+ Elementor widgets. There are widgets for popular form plugins, creative modules, and content modules. The lifetime license includes lifetime updates and support as well as unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/powerpack-for-elementor/Elementor40% Off. Use code SAVEBIGPlugins157464000015754176001590750985
PowerPack Beaver Builder AddonPowerPack Beaver Builder AddonThe PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon extends Beaver Builder with over 55 modules, more than 200 row templates, and more than 120-page templates. New modules include login form and site-wide header and footer builder.  The lifetime license includes lifetime updates and unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/powerpack-beaver-builder-addon/Beaver Builder30% Off. Use code SAVEBIG.Plugins157464000015754176001590750985
Meta BoxMeta BoxMeta Box is a free, full-featured WordPress plugin for creating custom meta boxes. The base plugin is free on the WordPress.org repository. There are 27 free and premium extensions that expand the functionality to include creating Custom Post Types, front-end submission, tables, settings pages, and much more. The Lifetime Bundle includes all extensions, unlimited sites, and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/meta-box/60% Off - Use Code BF2019Plugins157472640015755904001590750985
Max Mega Menu ProMax Mega Menu ProMax Mega Menu Pro is a plugin that adds advanced menu features to your WordPress theme. Features include sticky menu, accordion menu, WooCommerce integration, and more. There is a free version available in the WordPress plugin directory. The Max Mega Menu Pro Developer License allows for up to 99 sites, 1 year of support, and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/max-mega-menu-pro/Plugins1590750985
MainWPMainWPMainWP is a self-hosted solution for managing and updating your WordPress sites. With it, you can update WordPress core, themes, and plugins. This along with a few other features is free. MainWP offers premium extensions that provide further features such as analytics, the ability to manage comments, create reports for clients, manage security settings and much more. The extensions are available via several plans. The lifetime plan includes lifetime updates and support as well as unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/mainwp/Plugins1590750985
FlyoutsFlyoutsThe Flyouts plugin from BNE Creative is a very flexible plugin for creating different kinds of "off canvas" content that "slides" over or "pushes in" when triggered to appear.  There is an editor to customize your off canvas content and you can have the content appear from the top, bottom or either side of the page. You can trigger the appearance with a floating button or use a menu item, button or image on the page by adding a unique CSS class name that acts as the trigger. You can use this plugin to provide an off canvas mobile menu for themes that don't have that built in or in other cases where you might use a popup, but don't want to hide the content. Although the plugin is available on Code Canyon, you get unlimited sites and lifetime updates ordering it directly.https://www.webtng.com/go/flyouts/Plugins1590750985
Essential Addons for ElementorEssential Addons for ElementorThe Essential Addons for Elementor plugin has a free version in the WordPress directory and a Pro version. The Pro version has more than 60 widgets and 6 extensions. The Lifetime Unlimited package includes unlimited sites, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/essential-addons-for-elementor/ElementorGet 25% Off With Coupon Code StayHomePlugins158561280015907968001590750985
Convert ProConvert ProThe Convert Pro plugin is a flexible pop-up manager that you can use for exit intent, email signups, A/B testing, and to offer discounts and coupons. It includes a layout builder, comes with a number of predefined templates you can use, and has a large number of integrations with email list managers. The lifetime unlimited option includes lifetime updates and support and use on unlimited sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/convert-pro/20% Off Holiday SalePlugins157671360015772320001590750985
Cobalt AppsCobalt AppsCobalt Apps makes tools especially useful for WordPress site builders and freelancers. Tools include the Dynamic Website Builder Genesis child theme.  The Dynamic Website Builder gives you almost total control of style options as well as a number of tools.  The Genesis Extender, Extender Pro, Themer Pro, Genesis Devkit, Freelancer Devkit, and Instant IDE plugins provide advanced theme helpers, as well as a coding IDE that you can install from within WordPress. The various tools work with the most popular "framework" themes -- Genesis, Astra, Beaver Builder Theme, OceanWP, GeneratePress and Cobalt Apps own Freelancer Framework theme. You can purchase a lifetime license of the tools individually, or the All Access Lifetime bundle includes all of the Cobalt Apps products, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/cobalt-apps-all-access/50% Off All Access LifetimePlugins, Themes158569920015861312001590750985
Blackhole ProBlackhole ProBlackhole Pro is a WordPress security plugin that automatically detects and traps bad bots in a virtual black hole, where they are blocked from your site. Pricing is based on the number of sites and all packages include lifetime updates and lifetime basic support.https://www.webtng.com/go/blackhole-pro/Plugins1590750985
BBQ ProBBQ ProBBQ stands for "Block Bad Queries." BBQ Pro is a WordPress firewall plugin that detects and blocks bad requests. The pro version allows for full customization or rules and settings, is powered by the 5G/6G blacklist along with other features. Pricing is based on the number of sites and all packages include lifetime updates and lifetime basic support.https://www.webtng.com/go/bbq-pro/Plugins1590750985
Astra AgencyAstra AgencyAstra Agency is a bundle that includes the Astra Pro Theme, the Convert Pro plugin, and the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin. The Agency bundle also includes the premium version of Astra Sites, which is a collection of prebuilt example sites for use with both the Beaver Builder and Elementor plugins. A new addition to the agency bundle is that access to the SkillJet training platform is included.  The lifetime package includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/astra-agency/Beaver Builder, Elementor30% Off SalePlugins, Themes158725440015907968001590750985
All in One WP MigrationAll in One WP MigrationThe All in One WP Migration plugin has a free version on WordPress.org that lets you manually create a backup up to 512MB. If the restore is performed on a site with a different URL then it automatically does a search and replace update on the database. Premium extensions remove the 512MB limit and allow you to schedule backups to a number of cloud storage providers.  The lifetime version is available for person use only.https://www.webtng.com/go/one-wp-migration/Plugins1590750985
Advanced Database CleanerAdvanced Database CleanerThe WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner plugin cleans and optimizes your WordPress database. Remove old revisions, drafts, and transients as well as old options tables, and cron jobs from plugins and themes that are no longer used. The pricing options are based on the number of sites and all of them include lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/wordpress-advanced-database-cleaner/Plugins1590750985
Admin Page Spider ProAdmin Page Spider ProAdmin Page Spider is a utility plugin that adds menu items to the admin bar for posts and pages. There is a free version in the WordPress plugin directory. The Pro version also adds menu items for a number of popular plugins, such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Microthemer, and more. There is a single site version that includes lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/admin-page-spider-pro/30% Off - Use coupon BLACKFRIDAYPlugins157343040015750720001590750985
ZigzagpressZigzagpressZigzagpress has more than 35 themes. Their themes are Genesis Framework child themes, which means that you will need to purchase the Genesis Framework to use them. Most of their themes have Customizer options. All themes are included in the Forever Membership option.https://www.webtng.com/go/zigzag-press/30% Off with Coupon HOLiDAY2018Themes154552320015456960001590750985
ThemifyThemifyThemify has more than 40 themes and several plugins. All of the themes include a standard theme framework and the Themify Builder. The plugins available include a stand-alone version of the builder, a plugin for creating custom post types, a tiles plugin, and more. The Lifetime Club includes all themes and plugins.https://www.webtng.com/go/themify/30% Off Lifetime - Use Code MAYLOVEPlugins, Themes158872320015901056001590750985
Theme JunkieTheme JunkieTheme Junkie has more than 50 themes to choose from including blog, ecommerce, portfolio, business, and magazine themes. Many are niche themes designed for particular markets or uses. Check the Lifetime Package.https://www.webtng.com/go/theme-junkie/Themes1590750985
ThemeIsleThemeIsleThemeIsle has more than 30 themes and 7 plugins. There are a couple one-page themes and a number of niche themes. Some of their offerings are available in a "lite" version on the WordPress.org repository. The "pro" versions have more features. The lifetime options provide lifetime updates and support.  Pricing and which plugins are included is based on the number of sites.https://www.webtng.com/go/themeisle/25% Off Black Friday Discount - no coupon neededThemes157481280015753312001590750985
ThemegrillThemegrillThemeGrill has 16 themes and several plugins. A number of their themes have lite versions that you can try for free. Their lifetime plan provides updates, support, and unlimited site usage.https://www.webtng.com/go/themegrill/Black Friday 35% Off - use coupon BFCM2019Themes157446720015753312001590750985
ThemefuseThemefuseThemefuse has more than 40 themes including the multipurpose theme The Core and a number of niche themes. They are the developers of the Unyson Framework that includes a page builder and a number of modules for SEO, backups, sliders, mega menus and more. The pricing include a lifetime option.https://www.webtng.com/go/themefuse/Black Friday 50% off - no coupon neededThemes154275840015431904001590750985
ThemefurnaceThemefurnaceThemefurnace has 22 themes that are designed with typography and style in mind. There are lite versions of many of their themes on the WordPress.org repository, so you can try them out before making a purchase. The regular version of the themes have more features and are available in the Lifetime Club.https://www.webtng.com/go/themefurnace/Themes1590750985
Themedy ThemesThemedy ThemesThemedy Themes has 20 themes. Their themes are Genesis Framework child themes, which means that you will need to purchase the Genesis Framework to use them. Take a look at the Lifetime Developer bundle.https://www.webtng.com/go/themedy-themes/Themes1590750985
Tesla ThemesTesla ThemesTesla Themes have 68 colorful and stylish themes that target a number of market niches. Many of the themes include the Visual Composer page builder plugin and some include premium sliders. Check the theme descriptions for details and the Lifetime pricing option.https://www.webtng.com/go/tesla-themes/Holiday Sale 33% off - Use coupon XMAS2019Themes157662720015778368001590750985
StudioPressStudioPressStudioPress themes are based on the Genesis Framework, one of the oldest and most respected theme frameworks.  The Genesis Framework installs as the parent theme and StudioPress offers more than 30 child themes that come with the Pro Plus All Theme Package. That package includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/studiopress/$100 off the StudioPress Pro-Plus All Theme PackageThemes157680000015780096001590750985
SolostreamSolostreamSolostream offers more than 70 niche themes. They have themes for blog, news, restaurant, bookstore, resume, hospital, and many other types of sites. Their lifetime plan provides lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/solostream/Sale 40% Off - Use Coupon ENDMARCH19Themes155381760015539904001590750985
SeothemesSeothemesSeothemes are Genesis Framework child themes. They offer 11 premium themes, including themes targeting food, agency, law, fitness, and ecommerce sites. Their individual and all themes packages have lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/seothemes/Themes1590750985
Page Builder FrameworkPage Builder FrameworkThe WP Page Builder Framework theme is a modern, clean, "blank slate" theme that is designed to work well with page builders. The theme has a large number of Customizer options to handle most of the areas where you would normally not use a page builder. The theme has a Lifetime License option.https://www.webtng.com/go/wp-page-builder-framework/Beaver Builder, ElementorBlack Friday sale - 20% off lifetimeThemes157464000015752448001590750985
Organized ThemesOrganized ThemesOrganized Themes offers a portfolio of niche themes mainly for the business, church, non-profit, and restaurant markets.  The lifetime package includes lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/organized-themes/Themes1590750985
OptimizerOptimizerThe Optimizer theme has more than 160 theme options, templates, and the ability to create landing pages. The Ultimate package has lifetime updates, unlimited sites, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/optimizer/Use Discount Code "HAPPY20" to Get 20% OffThemes159019200015908832001590750985
OceanWPOceanWPOceanWP is a very flexible theme that is popular for use with page builders. The theme itself is free on WordPress.org, but you can purchase extensions that add a number of nice features. There are options for purchasing the bundle of all premium extensions for a single site, three sites, or unlimited sites with a lifetime license that includes updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/oceanwp/Beaver Builder, Elementor20% Off New Purchases - Use Code COVID19HELPThemes158569920015863040001590750985
Modern ThemesModern ThemesModern Themes has 21 premium themes, several premium plugins, and a number of free themes. The plugins provide custom post types such as services, projects, and testimonials. The premium themes are attractive with a number of designs from blogging, commerce, sports, and news/magazine styles. The lifetime plan comes with unlimited usage, lifetime support, and lifetime updates.https://www.webtng.com/go/modern-themes/Themes1590750985
ImagelyImagelyImagely creates themes and plugins that focus on photographers and displaying photographs. They currently have 11 themes that focus on travel, photojournalism, wedding, and photography uses. The themes are Genesis child themes and require the Genesis Framework. Their plugins include the NexGen gallery plugin and its extensions, a lightbox plugin, a plugin and extensions (NextGen Pro) for proofing and selling photographs, and a plugin that connects WordPress to Adobe Lightroom.  NextGen Pro now has the option for automated photo lab fulfillment. The Lifetime everything package includes everything with lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/imagely/30% Off Sale - Use coupon UNITYNOWThemes159027840015908832001590750985
Happy ThemesHappy ThemesHappyThemes has 29 niche themes including video, blog, news, magazine, shop and general purpose themes. The lifetime access package includes all current and future themes, lifetime updates, and lifetime support.https://www.webtng.com/go/happy-themes/50% OFF Coupon Code: SAVE50Themes159027840015907968001590750985
Graph Paper PressGraph Paper PressGraph Paper Press has 46 premium themes and 18 plugins. The themes emphasize photography and are targeted at creative sites. In addition to the premium themes, there are some themes available for free if you want to try them. The plugins are geared towards showing, sharing, and selling your photos or other digital content online. The lifetime plan includes lifetime updates for all themes and plugins.https://www.webtng.com/go/graph-paper-press/Themes1590750985
Elegant ThemesElegant ThemesElegant Themes is the creator of the multi-purpose Divi theme. It features a page builder, a front-end editor, and many customization options. Extra is a modern magazine style theme that is also actively updated. In addition to themes, members also gain access to a few plugins. The Divi Builder is the same page building plugin, the Monarch social sharing plugin, and the Bloom email opt-in plugin. Check out the Lifetime Access option.https://www.webtng.com/go/elegant-themes/20% Off - Divi Birthday SalePlugins, Themes158474880015850944001590750985
CSSIgniterCSSIgniterThe CSSIgniter theme shop has more than 80 themes. In addition to the themes, membership includes the AudioIgniter plugin for managing audio files and the EventIgniter plugin for event management. The lifetime options are available for the Lifetime Club membership.https://www.webtng.com/go/cssigniter/Sale - Coupon SAVE30 for 30% OffThemes158898240015908832001590750985
Astra ThemeAstra ThemeThe Astra theme is free on the WordPress.org directory. The Astra Pro plugin extends the theme and adds many customization options. The lifetime Pro plan includes lifetime updates and support as well as unlimited websites. There is also a lifetime Agency plan that includes other plugins and features.https://www.webtng.com/go/astra-theme/Beaver Builder, Elementor30% Off SaleThemes158725440015907968001590750985
Anariel DesignAnariel DesignAnariel Design offers 18 premium themes and specializes in developing unique niche themes that are attractive and user friendly. The themes are page builder friendly and target sites such as charity, restaurant, fashion and niche blogs. The Lifetime plan has unlimited sites, lifetime updates and support.https://www.webtng.com/go/anariel-design/Black Friday 20% off - Use coupon ANARIELBLACK2019Themes157464000015752448001590750985


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