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This is the documentation for the Yada Wiki WordPress plugin.  You can download Yada Wiki from the WordPress.org plugin repository. I try to keep the plugin up to date and test it with each new WordPress version.

I made a screencast tutorial on how to use the plugin to create a wiki for your WordPress site. It provides a good overview. If you want more information then I suggest checking out the Yada Wiki documentation wiki link below.

The documentation wiki has in-depth information about the plugin and how to use it. Of course, I used the plugin to create it, so it also serves as an example.

By default, Yada Wiki uses the built-in roles and permissions of the Posts content type. Occasionally people want to setup roles specifically for the wiki. I found that the free version of the Advanced Access Manager plugin that is in the WordPress repository is pretty straightforward. I wrote an article that shows how to use it with Yada Wiki.

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