knowledge is an activity


OK, I’ll admit it … sometimes when I look at the computer screen, at just content showing up on the screen, I stop and say to myself “that’s cool,” and I want to know how to do that.  Programming and website building feel like a form of self-realization.  You have an idea and you are able to make it happen.  I’ve been teaching myself programming and site building for 25 years.  I don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

I like to help other people and I have benefited from other people’s generosity in sharing their knowledge through blog posts and tutorials, so I’m returning the favor.

Author Information

I am an anthropologist turned software developer.  I studied dispute handing in New Zealand between the Maori and the British Crown / New Zealand government.  While writing my university dissertation I worked in a public library.  The Internet was just taking hold and I helped put in the first public access Internet computers and created their first website.  This got me started.

I began in IT doing tech support, then moved into network and database administration. I ended up working as an IT manager and developer for a large photography company for a number of years.   I know a lot of us in the WordPress world are freelancers and site builders providing services to businesses, but that experience helped me to see things from the other side of the table and provided experience in things like PCI compliance or disaster recovery preparedness that WordPress professionals may not think about.

I  live in a small Midwestern town.  By some twist of fate, I have fiber to the home and can now enjoy working from home. The coffee is better and the only office politics are when the cat takes a nap in the dog’s bed. 🙂

When I’m not in front of the computer, I enjoy listening to audio books, hanging out with family and taking walks with our dog.

Site Tagline

“Knowledge is an activity” is a quote from Albert Einstein. It resonates with me because I learn by doing.

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