kadence dynamic list block

In April Kadence released the Dynamic List Block. This block fills in a gap in the ability to display dynamic data and is important for creating theme templates. It is included in professional version of Kadence Blocks.

dynamic list block showing in list

You might think from the block name that the Dynamic List block is similar to the Icon List block, but it is not. The Dynamic List block is used for displaying the assigned taxonomy terms. Before the release of this block there was no way using Kadence Blocks to show the taxonomy term. I guess it has “List” in its name because if you have more than one taxonomy term assigned then it outputs them as a list.

Video Walk-Through

Usage Walk-Through

You can use the block on any post or page, but a common place to use the block would be on the single template for a post or Custom Post Type. In a previous post on the Kadence Theme Builder I used Kadence Elements to create a template for the Books Custom Post Type. Here is that template in the editor.

previously created template in editor

Now, I add the Dynamic List block under the book cover image. In the block settings I selected the taxonomy used for Books, Genres. I toggled on the Enable Link option and if people click then on the link they will go to the taxonomy archive page. I also centered the link.

dynamic list block added

The book only had one taxonomy terms assigned, but often a post could have two or three categories. To test this out, I went to the book record for the Sea Queen and added another one.

two taxonomy terms added

Back to editing the template and we see them both showing.

two taxonomy terms showing

There are some style options available. If you want to show the taxonomy terms as text then take a look at the separator options. The default is a bar between items, but the dot option is nice.

list separator options

However, it is easy to make the links look like buttons. The List Style dropdown defaults to Basic, but I changed this to the “Pill” option.

link style dropdown

It looks like this by default. It would be good to remove the underline.

pill option selected

The List Style dropdown provides a few choices, Underline, Underline on Hover, None, and Unset. When you pick the pill link option this gets changed to Unset, but the underline shows. So I change it to None.

list style dropdown option

Here is the book record on the front-end.

book record on frontend

A few notes. There is an option to display the list Vertically. There isn’t a “Pill” option but you can show a bullet list or a number list.

vertical list option

Another note is that the default location for the list is the Current Post.

list source default

You can change that and search for any post to pull the taxonomy terms from. This might be useful if you wanted to show a record of one post inside another.

list source search

The final note is that there is a Source Type dropdown that defaults to “Taxonomy”.

source type default

There is an option to switch this to “Custom Post Meta”. When you do that you get a list of Custom Fields to pick from. I tried creating a Repeater Field in ACF Pro but that would not show in the custom field list. I also tried creating a Select list dropdown that allowed multiple items to be selected. That custom field was available, but when chosen no values were found. My guess is that this is available for the future, but hasn’t been implemented yet.

So, that is the look at the new Dynamic List Block. It makes it possible now to output taxonomy terms, which previously was missing.

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