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Maxim Vendrov and Amit Keren are the authors of the new Doubly plugin that just launched.  Doubly lets you copy and paste content and designs between WordPress websites.  Being able to easily copy content between sites seems like an essential process, but sadly there are not many options available.  Elementor addons started to add this feature a few years ago, but just for Elementor content, now Doubly makes this possible for any type of content like:

  • Media (Single or Bulk)
  • Woo Products  (Single or Bulk)
  • Elementor Sections
  • Pages  (Single or Bulk)
  • Posts  (Single or Bulk)
  • Custom Post Types  (Single or Bulk) 
  • Woo Orders (Coming soon) 
  • Users (Coming soon) 

A crucial feature of Doubly is that it will migrate the data including metadata and custom fields. 

Max and Amit have been involved in website design and programming for about 10 years.  In addition to Doubly, Amit is one of the developers of the Unlimited Elements plugin.  This is an Elementor addon that, in addition to including a large number of Elementor widgets, also comes with a widget creator.  The Widget Creator is a tool for power users or developers that gives you an interface for building your own Elementor widgets, with the controls users have come to expect and with good support for Advanced Custom Fields for dynamic data options.  

doubly team
Maxim Vendrov and Amit Keren of the Unlimited Elements team release the new Doubly plugin

Amit has agreed to answer some questions about himself and the new Doubly plugin.

Q: You are both a designer and a programmer.  Usually, people specialize in one or the other.  How has an understanding of design made a difference in your work creating WordPress plugins?

Since I have designed websites for clients in the past, I can understand better what tools are really needed to help improve the workflow for web creators. We only develop tools that we found the need for them ourselves while making projects for clients. The same story is with Doubly. We were so frustrated trying to move designs from staging to production that we decided to make an easy-to-use tool that just lets you copy-paste, exactly like you would do in a Word document.

Q: I’ve used the Unlimited Elements Widget Creator and think it is very cool.  What gave you the idea for a widget creator and what are some of the things you’ve seen users build with it?

As I mentioned before all our ideas for tools come from real use cases that we ourselves encounter. I am actually just an HTML and CSS developer and I was frustrated that I could not develop plugins or widgets for WordPress without knowing PHP or JS. Max my partner decided that we could create a framework for building custom widgets for people like me who don’t know advanced coding but just basic design languages. 

Q: Do you think you will bring a block creator to Gutenberg?

One of our dreams is to expand to other page builders and especially Gutenberg. We have already started the preparations and we hope to launch a version in the upcoming year. Hopefully, if all goes as expected all the widgets that we developed for Elementor will also work for Gutenberg and the sky is the limit.

Q: In addition to running a WordPress business, you are also a college lecturer.  What do you teach and what have you learned from teaching?

I teach building websites with Elementor in one of the known colleges in Israel. Teaching for me is a hobby I love since it gives me the opportunity to meet with young enthusiastic users. Sometimes they ask me questions that even I myself don’t know the answer to them and this gives me the opportunity to dive in deeper and learn more to help them find unique solutions to their problems. Also, I noticed a need for Doubly with my students since they always want to move and share designs with their peers. 

Q: What kind of feedback has the team gotten about Doubly?

In two words “It’s Addictive”. People always tell us that they don’t know how they managed before they were using Doubly. Doubly opens a new door of opportunities for users. We recently added a Live Copy Button feature that anyone who wants to share the designs on their website can do so exactly as we do on the Unlimited Elements website. We are planning to build a big community around the idea of sharing designs or maybe even generating another income for people who want to sell their designs easily maybe even subscription-based. Think about it now any influencer, YouTuber, or designer can add a live copy button to their website for sharing their designs and resources.

Q: Anything you can share about the roadmap and future plans?

Our four most current tasks for Doubly are:

  1. Add support for Woo Orders copy-paste
  2. Add support for WP Users copy-paste
  3. Add support for more page builders and not just Elementor. 
  4. Add support to copy-paste in the same website not just cross-domain.

As always we listen to our user’s requests and we are open to suggestions and feedback.

Thank you so much Amit for taking the time to share with us. Congratulations to you and Max on the Doubly launch. We are wishing you great success.

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