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In this post I’m looking at three popular block collections: GenerateBlocks, Kadence Blocks, and Stackable Blocks. People often ask which one is best and which should you use. We’ll take a look at the similarities and differences of these three block collections and I hope by the end of the post you will have a sense of which one would work best for you.

Gutenberg blocks are now used for content creation, for creating theme templates and now in the Full Site Editor, but all block collections are not the same. Developers, designers, marketers, individual site builders, agencies, and end users, all have different user cases. GenerateBlocks, Kadence Blocks, and Stackable Blocks are three of the most flexible and powerful block collections. In this post I compare them to highlight the differences and best use cases.

Video Version

The video contains the full walk-through and discussion.

Free Versions in the WordPress Plugin Directory

All three have both a free version in the WordPress plugin directory and a pro version for sale on their websites.

generateblocks banner wp org

GenerateBlocks Free

  • 90,000+ Active Installs
  • 85 Five Star Reviews
  • 6 Free Blocks
  • 68 Free Patterns
  • Dynamic Data (ACF)
kadence banner wp org

Kadence Blocks Free

  • 200,000+ Active Installs
  • 115 Five Star Reviews
  • 21 Free Blocks
  • 40+ Pre-designed Sections
  • 45+ Wireframe Sections
  • 40+ Starter Packs
  • Gutenberg Color Palette and Block Defaults
  • Hide by User Role
  • Block Presets
  • Copy Paste Styles
Wp Org Stackable Header

Stackable Blocks Free

  • 60,000+ Active Installs
  • 319 Five Star Reviews
  • 35 Free Blocks
  • 100 Pre-designed Sections
  • 65 Wireframe Sections
  • 8 UI Kits
  • Gutenberg Color Palette and Global Typography
  • Block Presets

We see that Kadence has the most active installs, then GenerateBlocks and then Stackable. One thing to note about Stackable is that you uninstall the free version when you install the pro version, which is not the case for the other two. That means that there are really more Stackable installs than shown.

It is interesting that Stackable has many more 5 star reviews, even though it has fewer installs than the other two.

I’ve hit you with the fact that GenerateBlocks free only comes with 6 blocks! More on that below.

What Comes With Pro?

The pro versions add more features. Here is a list of what each adds:

generateblocks logo

GenerateBlocks Pro

  • No Premium Blocks
  • 140 Pro Patterns
  • Global Styles
  • CSS Effects
  • Copy Paste Styles
  • Device Visibility
  • Custom Attributes
  • Support

kadence blocks logo

Kadence Blocks Pro

  • 10 Premium Blocks
  • 7 Premium Sections
  • 14 Premium Starter Packs
  • Dynamic Content (ACF, Meta Box, Toolset)
  • Conditional Display Options
  • Animate on Scroll
  • Page Specific Scripts
  • Custom Fonts and Icons
  • Custom CSS per Block
  • Support
stackable blocks logo

Stackable Blocks Pro

  • Option to use Font Awesome Pro
  • 223 Additional Pre-designed blocks
  • Advanced column layout / spacing options
  • 232 More Block Layouts
  • Copy Paste Styles
  • Dynamic Data (ACF, Meta Box, Toolset)
  • Conditional Display Options
  • 28 More UI Kits
  • Custom CSS per Block
  • Transform and Transition Effects
  • Motion Effects
  • More than 50 image blob shapes
  • Up to 3 separator divider layers
  • Built-in Custom Fields
  • Role Manager
  • Full Site Editor Support
  • Support

Something to note when comparing the advantages of the pro versions is that with Stackable you get more design options with Pro, while Kadence and Qubely add more blocks with their Pro versions.

Philosophy and Approach


GenerateBlocks promote a minimalist approach with a focus on performance and no bloat. It provides some building blocks and the user builds what they want.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence has more appeal to a wider audience than GenerateBlocks. There has been some community input, but the developer knows his customers and has added innovative ecommerce and marketing features to the Kadence ecosystem.

Stackable Approach

Stackable is also a general use collection with a focus on content. User feedback played a large role in the development of features. It seems Stackable wants to be a universal solution.

Categorizing Kadence Blocks Pro

Layout Blocks

  • Row Layout
  • Section
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Show More
  • Spacer/Divider

Miscellaneous Blocks

  • Count Up
  • Countdown
  • Form
  • Google Maps
  • Lottie Animations
  • Modal
  • Table of Contents

Support Dynamic Data

  • Advanced Button
  • Advanced Image
  • Advanced Text
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Dynamic List
  • User Info
  • Video Popup

Content Blocks

  • Advanced Gallery
  • Advanced Slider
  • Icon
  • Icon List
  • Info Box
  • Image Overlay
  • Portfolio Grid/Carousel
  • Posts
  • Post Grid/Carousel
  • Split Content
  • Testimonials

Dynamic Data Features Compared


Discussion and Conclusions

  • All three work with Gutenberg theme builders, but GenerateBlocks also has a pattern builder in the pro version to create you own patterns.
  • If you want minimalist and most performant, then use GenerateBlocks, otherwise use Kadence or Stackable.
  • When in the process of creating content having predesigned blocks available is nice because you don’t have to stop to create a block.
  • Stackable focuses on content and the Full Site Editor, Kadence on wider use and with other plugins in the Kadence ecosystem.

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