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Amit Keren is one of the founders of Unlimited Elements and he told me they had a new plugin, Doubly, for easy cross domain copy and paste of content. I was given a copy of Doubly for testing. I gave feedback on an early version and now it has reached version one. In this walk-through we will have a high level overview of the features and then test it out by copying content from one site to another.

Video Version

Here is the video walk-through showing different ways to use Doubly.

Difference Between Free and Pro Versions

doubly on wp org

The free version is available on the WordPress plugin directory and the pro version from the Doubly.Pro website.

doubly pro website

Feature Comparison

This list shows the types of content you can copy using Doubly free and pro.

Free Version

  • Pages
  • Elementor Sections
  • Unlimited Elements

Pro Version

  • Pages
  • Elementor Sections
  • Unlimited Elements
  • Posts
  • Custom Post Types
  • Media Files
  • WooCommerce Products
  • WooCommerce Orders (coming)
  • WooCommerce Users (coming)

The free version is pretty limited, so I’m going to focus on the pro version.

Installation & Admin Menus

Doubly uses Freemius, so when you install it and add your license key you will need to agree to let the plugin communicate with Freemius to check the license and for updates.

doubly freemius license prompt

You then have a new admin menu area. The Welcome screen has some overview information and links for documentation and help.

doubly welcome page

The top section of the settings page lets you pick which logged in roles you want to allow to use Doubly and which features you want to use on the site. There is a dropdown where you pick which functionality you want to allow on the site. There is also a list of user roles. Note, if you hold the shift key down then you can pick multiple roles from the list.

double settings page

This is the list of allowable actions. Copy and Paste, Copy Only, Paste Only, and None.

doubly list of actions

The bottom area is for use with Elementor. If you switch the dropdown to Enable, then there are more settings shown. Front-end section copy is possible for guests who are not logged in, or for user roles for users who are. You can also exclude pages from front-end copying. There is also a link for the button so the user can get more info. This defaults to the Doubly site, but you can change it. Just to see what it looks like, lets enable guest copy and click Save Settings. We will test copying Elementor sections a bit further on.

doubly enable front end section copying for guest

Testing Copy and Paste Posts

Source Site

The “Doubly Testing” site is based on my starter site that has the free Kadence theme, a bunch of dummy posts, and a Custom Post Type called Books. Here is the home page. There is nothing special about the posts, no custom fields or anything like that defined.

doubly source site home page

Here are the plugins I have installed. Note that there is CPT-UI and Advanced Custom Fields installed. I used those to create the Books Custom Post Type.

doubly source site list of plugins

Here is a Book record in the editor. You can see that it has a custom taxonomy Genres and two custom fields: Author’s Website and Author’s Photo.

cpt in the editor

So, lets try copying some content to a new site.

Target Site

I spun up a new WordPress site. It just had the Hello World and Sample Page content.

target site home page

I removed the 2 plugins installed with WordPress and installed and activated Doubly Pro.

target site doubly pro intalled

Copying Post Records

On the source Doubly Testing site I went to the list of post records in the admin and selected the first 10 records. From the Bulk Action dropdown I selected the Copy option.

double source site tem posts selected

When I clicked the Apply button there was a quick spinner and then a notice that said the records had been copied.

I go to the post list in the admin on the target site. There is just the one Hello World record, but I see in the admin bar a Paste option.

target site post list screen

Clicking on Paste and there is an input box shown. I click into the box and type Control V to paste.

target site paste option shown

The 10 records are copied over. That was easy. One thing I noticed was that the author didn’t copy over. I checked to see if it was possible to copy the users over and that wasn’t an option with Doubly yet. I asked the team and they mentioned they were looking at that option.

target site 10 records copied

Copying a Custom Post Type

The source website has a Custom Post Type “Books” that was created with CPT-UI and ACF. Doubly will copy those over, but you need to have the same architecture on the target site as the source site. So, I installed CPT-UI and the free version of ACF on the target site.

On the source site I went to the Tools menu for CPT-UI. Here you can copy / paste the code to create the Custom Post Type and Taxonomy. I first copied the code for the Custom Post Type definition.

export cpt from source site

And then went to the Tools menu for CPT-UI on the target site and pasted that in. I did the same thing for the Genre custom taxonomy. Now I had the Custom Post Type created.

import cpt on target site

I went to the Custom Fields / Field Groups menu item on the source site and clicked on the field group called “Book Fields”. At the top, on the admin bar, there is the Doubly Copy button. I clicked that.

copy button for acf field group

This changed the options on the admin bar to show the option to copy to the clipboard, export as a zip file, or cancel. I clicked the button to copy to the clipboard.

two field grop copy options

Now on the target site I went to the Field Groups ACF screen. At the top there is the Doubly Paste option.

doubly paste option on acf field groups screen

I clicked on the Paste link and got an admin bar change to show an option to paste from the clipboard or select a zip file.

paste acf field group

I pasted in the copied field group and it was created. That was easy.

field group pasted

I clicked on the field group to take a look and the custom fields were there. Very cool.

book fields copied

Now that we have the architecture setup we can use Doubly to copy / paste the book records from the source site to the target site. First, I go to the list of Book records on the source site. There are 12 book records. I select them all. It would probably work to copy and paste them using the clip board, but for large amounts of data I’d pick to use a zip file. You access the Export Zip option from the Bulk actions menu. I do that and save the records to a zip file which I download to my computer.

export to zip option

Now back to the target site. This time when I click the Copy link I click the option to import a zip file.

now familiar paste interface

I pick the zip file from my downloads directory and import it. All of the records were imported.

all book records imported

I go and check a record in the editor and see all of the fields have been copied, included the images and the custom fields. Awesome. This was very easy.

all fields imported

Copying an Elementor Section

The last thing I wanted to test was copying an Elementor section. One of the differences here is that you don’t have to be a user logged in on the source website in order to copy an Elementor section, assuming the owner of the site has given permission for Guests to use the Doubly Elementor copy option. Remember that we did enable that option when we looked at the settings earlier.

I have the free version of Elementor installed on the source site, so the first thing to do is to create a section and make it available for sharing. I create a new page and edit it with Elementor. Nothing too special, but it has an image, a heading, and some text, as well as some spacing and a light background color. I save this and then log out of the source site.

section created in the elementor editor

On the destination site I install the free version of Elementor and create a new page. I launch that page in the Elementor editor. In a new tab I go to the page on the front-end that we created on the other site. I noticed that when I hover my mouse over the section that a Doubly copy button shows. I click Copy and after a brief animation it shows in green that it was copied.

doubly copy button showing

On the target site I go to a page created with Elementor and click on the Paste link. I do a CONTROL-V to paste it in. It then shows a banner at the top saying Choose a place for paste section.

chose a place for the section

I hover my mouse over the page and see that it gives me the option to paste above or below the section on the page.

paste options shown

I click on the link above the heading, and the content is pasted in. It looks a bit different because it was pasted onto a page using the Twenty-TwentyTwo theme, which has a very narrow content area.

section copied and pasted

One note about the Elementor option is that to copy and paste you can use the free version of Doubly. That means that a designer can use the pro version of Doubly to share the Elementor content, but then users don’t have to have the pro version to copy the sections over.

Discussion and Conclusions

Doubly was easy to use and fast. This is a great tool for setting up new sites and copying standard pages, like About and Contact pages. It is also a good way to copy posts and Custom Post Types from one site to another. Copying the ACF field group was slick.

Doubly is at version one. A couple of times while testing I had a question or issue. Support was very responsive and issues were resolved quickly. One idea I had while testing is that it would be nice if it was possible to copy users across from site to site. I mentioned that to the team and they are looking into it.

Freelancers, agencies, people setting up demo sites, designers and many others will find a use for Doubly. It is a nice tool that makes tasks that are sometimes difficult very easy.

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