first look at the cwicly role editor

WordPress site builders are fortunate that we have some many powerful builders. A common question that arises is if the builder is “client friendly?” The site builder may be expected to deal with the complexities of advanced builder options, but many client just want to be content creators and don’t want to learn a complex system just to update some text and images.

Cwicly is a very powerful and flexible addon for Gutenberg which could be intimidating for content creators. The Cwicly solution is the new Role Editor feature. This video takes a look at the new Role Editor.

Video Walk-Through

The video has the full walk-through. What follows after the video is a summary.

Some of the Advanced Cwicly Areas

In the Editor

There is the left side quick block inserter, the library of predesigned templates, the global settings area, and the Cwcily navigator.

cwicly in the editor one

In the block options bar on the right there are many setting areas, such as the Primary, Design, and Advanced tabs. Also within each tab there are other settings areas.

cwicly in the editor two

Then of course there are all of the Cwicly blocks:

cwicly list of blocks

The Theme Builder Area

You can manage and create new theme templates in the Cwicly Themer UI.

cwicly themer area

There is the Settings menu.

cwickly settings area

And the new Role Editor:

cwicly role editor menu

Role Editor

First there is the list of roles. Pick the role you want to adjust access for. Note, by default the administrator gets access to all features and the other roles have everything disabled, except the blocks.

role editor list of roles

These are the buttons around the UI for accessing features and settings.

role editor ui buttons

These are the many block-based settings.

role editor global block behavior

In toolbar on individual blocks in the editor and access to pseudo classes.

role editor block toolbar and misc

And the list of blocks.

role editor list of blocks


Here are my conclusions about the new Cwicly Role Editor:

  • This is not a 100% solution. People still need to deal with core block, but it is a big step. Note that there are plugins and a filter for limiting the core blocks that show (which are not part of Cwicly).
  • This is a first version and I’m sure there will be more refinements as the team gets user feedback.
  • The Role Editor will help in situations where a content editor needs only limited access to the full range of features.

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