getting started with cwicly overview and ui tour

The video is part of a mini-series looking at getting started with Cwicly. Cwicly is relatively new. It is an advanced toolkit for Gutenberg and is designed to work with the Full Site Editor. As you know, the Full Site Editor is still in beta and it is very bare bones. Cwicly enhances the site editor with a Themer area where you can create custom templates and assign conditions. Cwicly also provides a set of advanced Gutenberg blocks that work with the site editor, or in your content, with features like flexbox, dynamic data, global styles, interactions, and other styling options. Cwicly comes bundled with its own block theme and with Advanced Custom Fields Pro. The video provides an overview of Cwicly and a tour of the user interface.


Links to Cwicly Resources


Cwicly is very full featured for being so new, but it is under active development. There are frequent updates with fixes and enhancements. Cwicly is a good choice for people who want to use the Full Site Editor for theming. It enhances the Site Editor with the theming area, block collection, and template library.

Note that the template library is useful, but you won’t be able to import and be done. However, it is a good resource for seeing how the Cwicly team implemented features like the interactions, and the pre-designed templates provide a starting place which you can customize.

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