walkthrough of the toolset to meta box migration process

Toolset was long known as the most capable dynamic data solution. For many years Toolset worked with Page Builder teams to ensure integration and compatibility. It probably had more integrations than others, but behind ACF. Then Toolset embraced Gutenberg, one of the first to do so, and they ported their Content Template creation features from using Bootstrap and shortcodes to using the block editor. They decided to embrace WordPress way of doing things. After the move to Toolset Blocks they put the brakes on integration with other tools and said they were focusing on Gutenberg. Unfortunately for Toolset, other custom field plugins did not stop integration efforts and JetEngine, Meta Box, and Pods have increased their market presence while Toolset’s has diminished. ACF has always been the first to receive support.

toolset 2

People noticed that Toolset had not released new features for some time and after many questions about this Toolset responded, saying that they were unsure of their future given the new Site Editor features that have been added to core. Toolset put new development on hold and would reassess in the future. Consequently, people have been considering other options and Meta Box is a popular alternative. Meta Box released a Toolset to Meta Box migration extension to help people moving to Meta Box.

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Test Site

I have a test site with the free Kadence theme and a Custom Post Type called Books that was created with Toolset. Here is the Custom Post Type:

cpt books toolset

Here is the taxonomy created:

taxonomy toolset

And the custom fields created with Toolset:

custom fields toolset

Here is the single book record in the editor. At the end, when things have been switched to Meta Box you’ll see that it is almost identical.

book record toolset

Toolset Types has the UI for creating these things. Toolset also have plugins / features for creating front-end output. Here I created the archive template with Toolset Blocks.

toolset book archive

I also created a single template using Toolset Blocks.

toolset book single


Before starting the migration it is a good idea to make a backup first. It is also a good idea to test it out on a development or staging site before running it on the live site. This way there shouldn’t be any surprises.

backup made


I installed the Meta Box All in One plugin, which gives you access to all of the extensions. When you install it you are prompted to install the base Meta Box core plugin, if it isn’t already install.

meta box aio installed

Here is the Toolset Migration extension in the list. Also, Meta Box detects that Toolset is installed and it activated this extension automatically.

toolset migration extension

When you run the migration it is a one click process. It took around a minute to run.

migration done

The instructions are that you should have Toolset and Meta Box activated for the migration. After the migration process was done I disabled the Toolset plugins.

toolset plugins disabled

I found that the post type, taxonomy, and custom fields were all migrated. Here is a book record after the migration. Everything is there.

migrated book record

It is important to note, however, that Meta Box doesn’t migrate content templates, Toolset Views or Toolset Blocks content. Here is the default theme archive.

default theme archive

And here is the default theme single template. You will need to use Meta Box Views, a page builder, or some other tool to create your frontend output after the migration is complete.

default theme single


The migration was extremely simple and it migrates the Toolset post types, taxonomies, almost all of the custom field types, and even relationships and repeaters. The Meta Box team was smart to create the migration extension and make it easy for people to move to Meta Box.

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