WikiLink Shortcode

There is a popup dialog to make it easy to enter the WikiLink shortcode.

Wiki Links Shortcode Button
Wiki Links Shortcode Button

When you click the first button, the wiki link button, a pop-up opens where you enter the two parameters:

The “link” parameter takes the title of the wiki page you are linking to. The “link” parameter is required.

The “show” parameter takes the link description that you want to show. The “show” parameter is optional. If it is blank then the value of the “link” parameter is shown.

For convenience, the pop-up does an AJAX lookup of wiki page titles when you are typing in the “link” field.

When you click “OK”, a shortcode is inserted into your edit window at the cursor location.

Here is an example of a WikiLink shortcode:
[yadawiki link="Using the WikiLink Shortcode" show="WikiLinks shortcode"]

Example wiki links screenshot

When viewing wiki pages, if the wiki page exists it shows as a link. If it does not exist, and the user has permissions to edit posts, then the link shows up in red to indicate that the page needs to be created. You can click on the link to go to the page editor to create the new page. If the user does not have permissions, then they see the title in red, but no link is available. The plugin has CSS classes for the wiki links so you can change the colors to match your theme. If you don’t add CSS styling for your wiki links then your theme’s default styles are used.

The image on the left is a screenshot taken while creating the documentation. Some of the table of contents links are blue and others are red. The blue links represent articles that had already been written at the time the screenshot was saved. The red links are for pages that did not yet exist. I had an overall outline for the documentation in mind before I started, so I began by creating my table of contents. Since I had editor permissions, I was able to click on the red links and write the corresponding article.