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The GenerateBlocks team just released a new version of their Gutenberg plugin, version1.5, and it is a game changer. It unleashes dynamic data and advanced layouts making them available in the free version that can be used with any theme. In this post I’ll quickly show you the differences between the previous version and the new version, and then look at the new Query Loop Block.

Video Version

Here is the full video walk-through.

Dynamic Data and GenerateBlocks 1.5

Before the latest version of GenerateBlocks, dynamic data options in Gutenberg were only available if you have the premium version of the GeneratePress theme enabled and you were using the premium “elements” feature for creating templates.

In the video I show that dynamic data options are now available with the free version of GenerateBlocks and that it works with the free GeneratePress theme, as well as any theme. I showed it working with the free Kadence theme.

The Query Loop Block

GenerateBlocks got two new blocks, an Image Block and a Query Loop Block. The Image Block is a good upgrade over the core image block, with lots of styling options, and it also works with dynamic data for showing the featured image, user image, or a custom field image.

The Query Loop Blocks has a lot of similarities with the core block of the same name, but as we have come to expect from the GenerateBlocks team, it has many refinements and additional features. These include:

  • Optional query parameters to customize the query used in the loop.
  • A ton of styling options that core doesn’t offer.
  • The ability to use an intelligent grid in the block template.
  • Better background options using the automatically supplied Container Block.
  • Easier pagination.
  • No lag when working with adding fields.

Of course, the GenerateBlocks version also has the good features of the core block, the ability to pick the post type, to use the contextual query or a custom query, and a template item that makes styling easier.

Discussion and Conclusions

In the first part of the walk-through I showed the differences between the previous version of GenerateBlocks and the new version. Besides the new Image Block, there are two big additions:

First, as I showed, dynamic data options have been made available in the free version, no matter what theme you are using. This is a game changer. Prior to this release Gutenberg block collections locked dynamic data options behind a premium version. They are now available to everyone in the free version.

The second big addition is the GenerateBlocks version of the Query Loop Block. This block is easy to use, doesn’t have the lag I’ve sometimes seen with the core version, and it enables custom grid and list layouts with styling features missing from core.

Adding dynamic data options and the Query Loop Block to the free version of GenerateBlocks is a gift to the WordPress community from the GeneratePress team.

These features are pretty much a gift to the WordPress community from the GeneratePress team. They unleash the power and flexibility of dynamic data and advanced layouts for all WordPress users. The new version of GenerateBlocks does not have the pre-designed blocks found in most block collections, but GenerateBlocks is now the most powerful and flexible free block addon available for Gutenberg.

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