Show Category and Tags for Wiki Pages using Divi

Someone recently asked about showing the wiki category in the post meta. Showing the category and tags for wiki pages is something you do in your theme, not the plugin, but it just so happens that we both are using the Divi theme, so I spent some time to figure this out.  Note that you should be using a child theme if you want to use these files so that future updates to Divi don’t overwrite your additions.  This information is specific to the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.


To get the categories to show in the post meta I added some functions to the child theme’s functions.php file:

  • There is a function that overrides the parent theme’s et_pb_postinfo_meta() function to remove the “blank bars” that show on Divi when there are no comments or categories in the post meta, and
  • A function that overrides the parent theme’s et_divi_post_meta to add the category meta link if there is a category assigned.
  • There are also a couple of helper functions.


For showing the tags I created a single page template for the Yada Wiki post type.  I created this by copying the “single.php” template from the parent Divi folder and renaming it to “single-yada_wiki.php” so that WordPress will use it instead of the default.  This diagram shows how WordPress decides which template to use.  I then added a call to the WordPress function “get_the_term_list()” to output the wiki tags.  You can further customize this template as desired.

Here are the files that I am using on this site for the sample wiki. They are samples that hopefully provide a starting point.

Download zip of example files.


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