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My Top WP Toolset Suggestions

Last updated August 26, 2017 I recently discovered the WP Builds podcasts.  Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley, the hosts, have interviewed some great guests with a focus on topics relevant to site builders and WordPress professionals. The discussions are informal, entertaining, and you get a good feel for the people and an inside view of their world …

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wordpress hosting servers

WordPress Hosting – General Overview

I have been involved in website hosting since 1995.  I’ve worked for organizations and companies who hosted their own sites.  I’ve had clients with Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for site hosting.  I’ve used shared hosting for personal websites, the websites of family members, and for a small non-profit.  From that experience, here are a few …

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wordpress and drupal

WordPress and Drupal Comparison – Deep Dive

WordPress and Drupal are two very popular content management systems that are often compared. The common conclusion to most comparisons is that WordPress is good for blogs or small sites and Drupal is better for big or complicated sites. I believe that conclusion is shallow and that a deeper understanding of the differences is helpful …

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WordPress Themes and Plugins with a Lifetime License – The Ultimate List

Last Updated August 10, 2018 Over the past year, several major plugins have stopped offering a lifetime license. I’ve kicked myself for waiting on a few that I could have used. The trend is to switch to annual subscriptions.  A couple of vendors said their lifetime plans were going away. Astra and Astra Agency are …

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ThemeIsle Review - Featured Image

ThemeIsle Review – Deep Dive

Last Updated August 28, 2017 ThemeIsle, a WordPress theme shop that started in 2012, offers a number of highly rated themes and plugins. Their themes aren’t available individually, instead, club membership gives you access to all of their themes. I’ll start with a short overview followed by an in-depth review. I’ll also use some of …

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searching for free images

Searching for Public Domain Images – List of Best Websites

Last updated June 2, 2018 Why Add A Featured Image? If you are writing a product review or a post targeting something specific, then an image of your topic makes perfect sense and finding the right image is pretty straightforward. However, there are many times that the topic is more conceptual and you want the …

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Taking PHP Seriously

Taking PHP Seriously is a very interesting post that talks about why some large companies are using PHP, some of the shortcoming of the language, and how to use 3rd party tools to overcome those shortcomings.  A very interesting read.


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