• Hey David,

    I enjoyed reading your WordPress Thanksgiving, some really substantial thoughts in the general Black Friday mania, much appreciated!
    And I am looking forward to what’s up next. Disappointed with what I am reading about the gotchas with Toolset Blocks (Jeez, what a terrible support ticket notice!), I am eager to learn about your experiences when trying to use Kadence Pro Elements for creating custom templates. Or about creating a custom blog page / a custom portfolio with ACF blocks (by https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/, not the homonymous Gutenberg block plugin) and Custom Post Types UI. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

      • Thank you, David, for your reply. Your tutorials here have helped me a LOT to quickly come to terms with the new block editor and Kadence Blocks. Now I am really eager to learn building custom post types for a blog, a company news page, and a portfolio.

        I came across your post about ACF and CPT UI yesterday but haven’t started working through it yet and don’t know at the moment whether building a custom blog page, a custom news section, or a custom portfolio entry is “just” analogous to creating an author’s page as in your example, or whether the differences are so big that it would need a separate traetment to get this done as a beginner. Your hint above seems to point to the former.

        And it’s not yet clear to me where the blocks by advancedcustomfields would come in when tackling such a task, but guessed they would as I am using the new block editor and Kadence Blocks. I better start digging into your author’s page tutorial and will sure know more after that. 🙂

        • Hi Chris,

          Usually you wouldn’t need a Custom Post Type for a blog, as the built it Posts is designed for that. You would want a Custom Post Type when you have additional fields. In most of the posts in the series I create a Custom Post Type for a Books section … for book reviews. Let me know if you have any questions.