creating a one page profile website with cwicly feature

This video shows how to create a professional profile website using Cwicly. It is a full site setup and configuration of the plugins chosen along with a walk-through using the Cwicly Toolkit.

Before I started posting on WebTNG I was using the domain. When I switched over to WebTNG the old website just had some placeholder content. I’ve been wanting to use Cwicly on a site and this smaller site is a good place to start. I decided to make a one page professional profile page.

I reset the old site and configured installed a number of plugins. I then used Cwicly to create the page. The full walk-through is available in the video.

Full Video Version

Here is the full video version.

Tools Used

Cwicly Toolkit – This is the theme and plugin. Use coupon WEBTNG for 20% off.

Turbo Admin – This is a nice browser extension.

Clean URLs – This is a personal plugin that is a fork of Simple URLs.

WP Reset Pro – This plugin is a quick way to reset a site back to the starting point.

Patchstack – A robust full-featured firewall.

BlogVault / Malcare – Malcare scans your backups for malware and thus doesn’t use your server resources. BlogVault is my favorite choice for backups. Extremely reliable.

ShortPixel Adaptive Images – With this plugin you can use the ShortPixel CDN and serve optimized images to your website visitors.

Slim SEO – Tired of maze-ways of SEO options? Slim SEO is a straightforward way to take care of the basics.

Summary and Conclusions

I’ve been wanting to use Cwicly on a site for some time. Cwicly is still new and being actively developed so this small site seemed like a good chance for me to get my feet wet. This website had only placeholder content for a number of years. It is likely that a designer would suggest a layout for my one page personal profile site that was more attractive, but this was a good upgrade over what was there previously.

I used Patchstack and BlockVault / Malcare for security and backups. I used ShortPixel Adaptive Images for image optimization, Clearn URLs for managing outbound links, and Slim SEO for providing some basic SEO options.

Early in the video we saw that switching from the core 2022 theme to the Cwicly theme gave us a small boost. I guess this isn’t too surprising as the Cwicly theme is a barebones blank theme. I used the Theme builder functionality of the Cwicly plugin to create the site home page. For the most part this was very straight forward. I did have one issue when trying to apply a class to the project image buttons. It seemed like the border settings were applied, but the size settings were not. That could well be user error, but I’ll check with the Cwicly team.

I was hoping for perfect 100s for mobile and desktop from Google Lighthouse without using any caching plugin. This is a simple site so I thought that should be achievable. I was glad to see that Cwicly did not add any bloat.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the Cwicly team. They are very knowledgeable and responsive. If you want to use the Full Site Editor then Cwicly is the way to go.

Use the coupon WEBTNG for 20% off

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