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Switching to Kadence and Gutenberg from Astra and Elementor

Introduction I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “The shoemakers children don’t have any shoes.”  In discussions with WordPress site builders I often hear comments about the need to update their own sites.  They are so busy working on other people’s websites that their own is neglected.  I’ve been building websites since 1994 and I’ve…

CPTs and Page Builders | Review

Custom Post Types and Theme Builders – Part Six Brizy Pro

Introduction This post is part six of a series looking at Custom Post Types and the theme building functionality of page builders. Premium page builders now have the ability to create theme templates, but the process, difficulty, and limitations are different for each page builder. This series provides a walk-through of options so you can…

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UpCloud, RunCloud, and WordPress – Setup and Walkthrough

Video Version Introduction There are three dimensions when considering hosting: price, quality, and convenience. For price, in the WordPress space, you can go from free to diamond-encrusted royal deluxe, with a lot of range in between. Quality also varies greatly, from server farms that stuff as many accounts on as possible to physical dedicated servers…

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