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I have been working on a simple wiki plugin for WordPress named Yada Wiki.  It provides a wiki post type, categories and tags, and a table of contents option.  The plugin has two easy to use shortcodes, available via buttons on the editor toolbar.

Wiki Link Shortcode

The first editor button, that looks like a chat icon, inserts a shortcode into your edit window at the cursor location.  This is the wiki link shortcode.  It takes two parameters:

  • The “link” parameter takes the title of the page you are linking to.
  • The “show” parameter takes the description that you want to show.
yada wiki editor buttons

When viewing wiki pages, if the wiki page exists it shows as a link.  If it does not exist, and the user has permissions to create posts and pages, then the link shows up in red and is underlined to show that the page needs to be created.  You can click on the link to go to the page editor to create the new page.  If the user does not have permissions, then they see the title in red, but no link is available.

TOC Option

With Yada Wiki, you can create a special wiki post with the title of “TOC”, for table of contents, and create a wiki post that will serve as the table of contents for your wiki.  You can use wiki links and style the table of contents as you like in the post editor.  The second button inserts a table of contents shortcode into the editor window at the cursor location.  This will insert the TOC wiki page you created at the shortcode location.  Note that the TOC only shows if it has been published.


yada wiki create new wiki

You can download Yada Wiki from the WordPress plugin repository:

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      I put a fair amount of effort in to a Gutenberg port prior to Gutenberg being included in core and discovered that the functionality was not supported. I looked again about a year ago with a similar finding. Now I think there may be a chance of Gutenberg support. I hope to be able to take a look again this winter or spring. At the moment, however, it works best with the Classic editor.