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In this post I want to look at 10Web. 10Web is a WordPress provider that offers several services and features.  They are currently running a deal on AppSumo, so I want to provide my take on the deal.  There is a video that accompanies the post that goes into the 10Web platform and shows the screens in more detail.

About 10Web & the AppSumo Deal

10Web is a hosting provider that offers Managed WordPress hosting using Google Cloud.  It is not shared hosting, like most SiteGround plans, but containerized hosting where each site is run separate from the others.  They have interestingly created a customized version of Elementor (free version) and offer that along with a number of pre-designed sites, premium plugins, Elementor and WordPress widgets, and backup, security, optimization, SEO, reporting, and tech support.  Something different than other hosting providers is that a plan with them also includes the ability to manage other sites hosted elsewhere using their dashboard, plugins, and services.  

Here is the 10Web pricing table:

10Web pricing table

The lifetime part of the deal applies whether you host a site on 10Web or not:

An In depth Look at What Is Included

Connecting a Site

There is a plugin in the WordPress directory called “10Web Manager” that you install on your site. I was logged into the 10Web dashboard when I installed that plugin on my site and connecting the site was fast and easy.

10Web WordPress Plugin

Once a site is setup or connected, you have a site dashboard. Here is a look at the dashboard menu. All but the Themes and Performance menus lead to a plugin install and an overview panel.

10Web menu

10Web Theme & Sites

When you install the 10Web builder it installs a minimal theme, the customized version of Elementor, and it lets you pick from a page of templates. There were 21 templates in the list and the options looked attractive. I didn’t see any ecommerce or WooCommerce options, though I heard those were planned.

The way they handle the theme building part of Elementor, without using Elementor Pro, is that when you install a template it adds a menu item under the Elementor templates for 10Web templates. These are all of the templates such as you would create with Elementor Pro for header, footer, single and archive. These are editable in Elementor so you could change them as desired. I found that this technique worked well, but wasn’t quite as integrated with the UI as Elementor normally does it.

10Web Plugin Widgets

These widgets (above) are for use with the premium plugins, so for instance, you would need the forms plugin installed to use the Form widget.

These are the other Elementor widgets are are included:

10Web Elementor widgets

After working with this for a while, I kept the custom version of Elementor installed, but decided to install a regular theme and not use the 10Web Elementor templates. I may install Elementor Pro in the future if I find I need it.

Premium Plugins

There are a number of premium plugins included. These are available for any sites you host with 10Web or that you connect and manage using their dashboard.   It seems that a lot of the plugins are from the Web Dorado suite, which is a sister company of 10Web. Here is the list:

10Web premium plugin list

As  you can see, there are a large number of plugins.  You would probably only use a few of them.  One thing I did notice was that the Form plugin and the Event Calendar plugin both have a large number of extensions and they seem full featured.  Otherwise, as a user, I’m not sure about these plugins until I try them out and compare them to the ones I normally use.  

Backup Feature

When you click on the Backups menu item it installs the backup plugin on your site and you go to a set of screens where you configure your backups.  The first screen shows a calendar and the list of backups (where you can download or restore).  The second screen is where you set the schedule.  You have the option to backup monthly, weekly, daily, twice a day, four times a day, or real time.  On the third screen you can choose to backup either or both the database and files.  

One interesting thing I noticed is if you look at the backup plugin on your website you have additional / different options.  What I realized is that the screen on the 10Web dashboard is for backing up to 10Web.  The screens on your website give you the option to do full backups or incremental backups (the 10Web backups are incremental).  It also gives you the option to backup to other storage locations, including:  Dropbox, a local folder, MS Azure, and Amazon S3.  

Image Optimization

The image optimization options look similar to ShortPixel. I haven’t tested which one was better, but if you don’t have ShortPixel then using this one is a no-brainer. You can set it to optimize images as you upload them, which is what I usually do.


The SEO feature has two parts. There is a plugin that installs to your site and there is the option to connect to a free SEO Moz account for additional statistics.

The site-wide SEO features looked pretty standard: set the default meta data, canonical Urls, create an XML site map, connect your site to Google Analytics and view the search console information, as well as the ability to setup redirects. I was a bit disappointed with the on-page options, however. People who are familiar with Yoast, Rank Math, or SEOPress will notice that there are no suggestions for improving on-page SEO. It seemed very basic.


I was also disappointed with the security option. It installs a plugin that includes the ability to scan you site for malware and do file comparisons with files on WordPress org. This is all good, but it doesn’t go far enough and do any prevention. There is no brute login protection, for instance. I installed WebARX so I wouldn’t get hacked while doing the review.


This does a speed test and provides suggestions for any areas that weren’t 100%. It includes a “timeline” or waterfall. It seems like you would get more information from a free service like GMetrix.



When you look at the AppSumo sales page we see large numbers of plugins and templates. In terms of plugins, there was a fair number, but I think you would also need to add in the extensions for the plugins to get close to the numbers they show. I couldn’t find other templates, other than the 21 when installing the builder.

Some of the “core” plugins were a bit disappointing, especially the security options. I worry that a new user wouldn’t realize that they need additional security plugins. The SEO plugin also seemed sub-par when compared to popular free versions (much less premium ones).

The customized version of Elementor was interesting. It didn’t blow me away, but it wasn’t a con either. More or a “neutral” for me.


The backup service is a big plus for me. This is something that every WordPress site owner has to figure out, so having a good option built in is a big plus. It would be nice to have more backup storage space.

The image compression is also a plus. It is something that is good for every site to use for performance sake, and the allocation was very generous.

I haven’t tried the form builder and event calendar yet, but they looked very full featured and I’m hopeful that they provide robust features. These types of plugins can be pricey, so this is a good addition.

Having live 24/7 support is also a boon. Support has been very responsive and new users will feel more comfortable working with WordPress knowing that help is close by.

The hosting at regular price is a bit expensive, but at $69 a year for one site is not a bad deal. It would probably be more cost effective for hosting a lot of sites to use a platform like Cloudways, but for a few sites it is not bad. Remember, this is not shared hosting.


At this time 10Web is not a MainWP or ManageWP replacement. 10Web lets you update your site from their dashboard but currently, if you had multiple sites, you would need to go through them one by one. Also, 10Web doesn’t have client reports and other features for working with clients. My understanding is that the ability to update multiple sites at once is coming in several months and I heard mention of white labeling for clients, but I have no solid information on that.

By combining, hosting, remote management, a custom builder and premium plugins, 10Web has a pretty unique offering and a lot of potential. I’m going to keep my site with 10Web to get a better feel for it and hopefully 10Web improves over time and becomes awesome.

Visit the 10Web Website

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